Unable to open IFO file

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    New problem since update
    I have lite on dvd sohohd-167T and burner Optrite dvdrwdd1205. I click the drop down box and select D: video TS
    I am getting this title bar says D:video_TS
    in the box says D: video_TS/video_TS.IFO unable to open file
    The device is not ready Pleas be sure that all required files are availabe and try again.
    There is a detail box with this info in it says:
    file 0 D:/video_TS/video_TS.ifo 21

    The movie that is causing trouble this time is Topper Caew Presents We don't Die: We Multiply Robin Harris

    I cleaned the disc. I appreciate any help out there. So I don't Know what to do.
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    Buy the DVD and then ask, this is why no one has replied to your post. Forum rules and renting.

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