Unable to open AnyDVD Executable/No Tray Icon, but running

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ak96ssRedFox, May 11, 2019.

  1. ak96ssRedFox

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    I'm running Windows 10 Pro, and have AnyDVD installed. For several months now I have had no AnyDVD icon in the tray (I have all of them displayed). I didn't worry about it, as it continued to function, but I ran into issues yesterday.

    I reinstalled it yesterday, as it didn't appear to be working - any DVD I inserted reported that it was encrypted. I uninstalled through Win10 Setup, but left the registration information.

    After reinstallation, I was able to open the interface, and the icon displayed just fine in the tray.

    Rebooted the computer this morning and I am back where I was before. No tray icon, double clicking the AnyDVD.exe application produces no apparent result - it never opens. In Task Manager, I can see both AnyDVD 64bit helper and AnyDVD Application (32bit) running. If I open the MyMovies Collection Management application, it reports that AnyDVD is installed and running, but I cannot get to the UI.

    This is actually how it has been for quite some time, but now I have the inclination to try to figure out exactly why it isn't working...
  2. Stefan-T

    Stefan-T Active Member

    When everything fails you can try to use a Virtual Machine.
  3. ak96ssRedFox

    ak96ssRedFox New Member

    So I've found that when I reboot the machine, if I kill both the helper and the app via task manager, then restart the app, everything works as it should - I get the icon in the tray, I'm able to open the GUI, etc.
  4. Stefan-T

    Stefan-T Active Member

    Maybe a problem with the compatibility of your processor or something else. When the Virtual machine fails too maybe has your computer any hardware problems or your system any kind of bugs. Did it work with older versions of anydvd?
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    To stop the guesswork, post an AnyDVD logfile of a random disc.
  6. Stefan-T

    Stefan-T Active Member

    Good idea James