Unable to install on Windows 7 64-bit

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Alatarius, Jun 6, 2021.

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    [SOLVED] Needed the "/NoSHA2check" switch added to the exe file.

    I tried to install the trial to see how this program works, and I ran into an error message that reads:

    "Windows 7 x64 is only supported, if SP1 and update KB3033929 is installed."

    I downloaded both and when I run either sp1 or the update kb3033929 files both tell me they are already installed. How do I install your software?

    (I have included screenshots of the error and all need files already installed)

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  2. DQ

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    Personally, I suspect your patch level might be low enough where you are missing something else Redfox needs installed. I am certain someone from Redfox will swing by and help you. Running windows updates might solve that for you although I am not certain that would work any longer since Win7 is no longer supported.

    Also, it would cause me great pain if I did not say this but you really should move to at least Win8 so you can get updates. Although I would suggest 10. Yes there is some telemetry nonsense with 10 but it runs very well and it does not have that abomination of an interface 8 has.

    OK off the soapbox.
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    Ahhh man I always think I am in the AS forum... Always forget that I follow the other ones too.
    I only saw "Unable to install" and never thought about AnyDVD in the first place, especially since I had the 32-bit thing in mind already.
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    The only thing I could think of is to install it as admin (right click and "Start as administrator" or something), also there are compatibility things in the OS (I don't know how it is called in english, but also in the right click menu).
  7. mmdavis

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    I know it does work because I am running AnyDVD on Win 7 64-bit, although I have had it for a long time.
  8. DeepSpace

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    I also had Windows 7 64-bit on my Laptop and it worked perfectly. Can it be something with the edition (Home, Professional...)?
  9. James

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    - Change: Windows Vista 64 bit is no longer supported
      Windows 7 64 bit only supported, if Service Pack 1 and
      security update KB3033929 is installed
      The installer will abort, if Vista 64 bit is detected or
      if KB3033929 is not installed on Windows 7 64 bit.
      This check can be disabled with the /NoSHA2check command
      line parameter.
    So, if you are certain that the installer is wrong, you can force it to install anyway.
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  10. Alatarius

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    The /NoSHA2check switch did the trick. Thank you for this.
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  11. James

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    AnyDVD works? Optical drives still present?