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  1. jayper

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    Never run into this issue before, but I am not able to open a recently created protected ISO.

    Anyone have any clues as to what might be going on? Thanks in advance for the help.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Looks like AnyDVD hasn't seen that ISO before and thus can't decrypt it. You'll need to use the original first, after which the iso should decrypt.
  3. jayper

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    Thanks so much for the help and input. Strange, I used the same machine and BD-drive, and version of AnyDVD to create the ISO in the first place.

    One odd thing I did notice: When I had the disk in, it did not indicate the known good playlist in the status window as usual.

    I'll pull out the disk and look into it. Thanks again.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    playlist are only mentioned for screenpass protected discs. The AGID is a unique identifier to the disc which only exists on originals and cannot be copied, whichanydvd needs before it can even begin to decrypt.
  5. jayper

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    Understood, I should have noted that this is a screenpass protected disc. Which is why I thought it was odd that the playlist was not shown when I first decrypted the disc. I assumed that screenpass hadn't been sorted out for the disc yet and opted for a protected ISO so I could come back and check later.
  6. Beck38

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    Fyi that disc you are having trouble with (jay and silent bob) is from lionsgate, and several of their recent releases have been reported and folks here are working on some recent variation of screen pass or who knows what. So some fix may be forthcoming.
  7. theosch

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    Afaik making a protected iso, is good method, when a disc is not currently supported yet, wheter because it's not only AACS, screenpass issue etc.

    But for drives who make use of bus-encryption activationm, on BD/UHD-discs asking for bus-encrpytion, when the decryption software would not support yet to disable it on certain discs, you have to get rid off bus encryption first (manually) in order to get a proper protected ISO.
    When you have an LG NS50/55/NS60 compatible drive, with libre-drive enabled firmware flashed on , there's an option in makemkv to disable that, then you can make a good protected ISO, with ImgBurn, (even if AnyDVD could not do it yet). Later when the disc encryption,screenpass is known you can decrypt it with e.g. AnyDVD, as normally you do it.
    I'm not 100% sure though, when a disc is not supported by AnyDVD yet, if that means generally also bus-encryption on certain discs.

    When you mount the protected ISO, can you see at least see its contents, that there is a AACS, and BDMV directory? If no, then it might be corrupted due to a copy with bus-encryption on top of that, which could be a reason to have to redump protected ISO from original disc
    [Edit]Ah sry. Just looked in your ziplog. At least directory content, files and names within the ISO, look according to scheme.
    If there was done s.th. that bus-encrypted protected ISOs appear masked to look "normal" to fool user/software, I don't know.
    (see further above, but mostly below, what to make sure of), as I'm no expert. :)
    A way to check protected ISO if it's OK, if other ripping/decryption software could process it further, and if the result was a working video, for testing pruposes.
    Of course also here it might be that other software does not support it yet, to process it further, so if, in worst case, you would need to wait to check, if protected ISO was OK.

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  8. James

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    Bus encryption should never be a problem.
    If AnyDVD can't remove bus encryption, it won't allow you to create an iso. At least that's the plan.
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