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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by DiverJ, Feb 1, 2021.

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    Have downloaded The Killing off of Amazon using AnyStream. The Killing is ad supported from IMDBTV and from what I can tell, Anystream has removed Advertisements, however, I want to store the files on Disc and software will not allow it.

    I have been able to burn to disc other programming, however not "The Killing" Is this some protection scheme not being removed on these files. Attached is the download log for the first episode of the show.

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    First, can you watch it on your PC as you downloaded it and without burning to disc?
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    Yes, I can play the files on my laptop, however, files take up a lot of space. And like to off load to discs.
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    Which software are you using to burn the files?
    When you say BluRay, are you trying to burn it as a BluRay Movie or a a BluRay Data Disc?
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    Been using a generic (free) burning software I found on the web. It has been working fine on other AnyStream files. However, when this fails, I have tried authoring software by cyberlink which too has failed. When I say I can not burn, both these softwares do not “see” the files at all. Normally, I drop and drag to the “burn” window and create a burn que. The software then tells me how much space I have left on the bluray. These files are not even recognized and the software does not show that they will be burned, AND tge burn button is not active (can not click on it) because it says there is nothing to burn. Have been sucessful just making a data disk, and they appear in my player as “media” because it plays .mp4 files without creating a formal disc structure. That is what I actually want. Maximum files just stored on disc until viewing.

    Been selecting ISO9660 + Joliet extensions AS file system

    Its NOT just “The Killing”. I have just this second realized that while episodes of “The Fall is allowed to burn, episodes of “Hell on Wheels” and “The Killing” are not recognized. Troubling.
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    It's entirely plausible that the files are not Blu-ray Disc (movie) compliant, but then again, why on Earth should they be? They were never intended to be burnt as BD Movie but played in a web browser. Or are you saying that they won't burn as plain data, which sounds odd---have you tried ImgBurn?
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    It is plausible, however, a data disc has no DVD or BluRay disc structure. Its just a storage type like a Hard Drive or a flash drive. These are just .mp4 files and can simply be burned to disc. If the disc player can play media files (again not DVD or BluRay) and most can play mp4 files it works Great.

    My initial question is why some of Allstream files are recognized by the burner software and why some are not. Was hoping the log file would help, but still if its some sort of protection, I would like someone to look into it.
  8. my first guess would be audio I know it tends to be the biggest issue when using fairly comprehensive software like avidmux. it is also probably the most likely thing to differ between files encoding-wise given the obvious surround to stereo ratio of roughly 50/50 (at least in my experience) or the like.
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    I'm not sure which program you are using.

    But it is highly likely that the files used / to be burned exceed the limit imposed by ISO9660 file system which is 4,294,967,295 bytes.

    You would need to switch to UDF file system.

    But need to make sure that UDF file system is supported by all your devices your planning to use the disc with.

    Try BurnAware free version.
    Don't forget to set Finalize Disc in the Options before you start burning.
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    Like I said, try ImgBurn, it's more verbose in errors than most, when they do happen.
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    Hi DriverJ,

    There was a time when I use to make disc-to-disc copies of just about every single DVD and then Blu-ray I owned. I realized early on that the life span of these discs are unpredictable and started seeing read errors on my disc player. I checked all 2,300+ discs I had copies of (Case logic cases that hold 230 discs each). I had over ten of them full along with an Excel tracker so that I could locate them easily).

    Fast forward a bit...
    I then started using 500 GB hard drives (internal ones; largest available at that time) and backed up my originals to those instead.
    I used a hard drive dock connected to my Theater PC (desktop) and when I loaded a new hard drive, it was like loading nearly 100 DVD movies at the same time. I made sure I combined my movie collections together so I didn't have to swap drives if binge watching Die Hard for example.

    Long story short...
    I would highly advise against looking to optical media as a storage solution. You can get external SSD drives rather cheap now and can store many movies on their in MP4 or MKV which is highly compatible with a variety of devices such as Blu-ray players, TV's, and in some cases Routers - although that experiment didn't play out well for me.

    I use a NAS and run my media through Plex or Infuse from my AppleTV 4K. For traveling purposes, I have a decent library of movies that I'm likely to watch while traveling or out in the field. I use the Disc-to-Digital program via VUDU. I tend to only invest in the titles that have Movies Anywhere available, although I have some that are not so I can only watch those in VUDU.

    The moral of the story here is that I think investing time and money in an optical media solution is not the best solution for you. Use Solid State storage instead or invest in a NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution within your budget of course.
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    Honestly, I have had good luck with USB attached HDD storage. I have a 4-bay enclosure I got from Amazon and it's been humming along for years now!
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    This makes more sense to me. The File size of the file is 4.6 GBs and I know this is an empty Bluray so capacity is 23 some odd GBs. I may try this, because the error message I keep getting says the file size exceeds disc capacity. I did not know how this could be possible, being one file.
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    Thanks for this information!
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