Ultrawide support ripping movies please.

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    If you use blurays or 4k blurays the last few years all of them have ultrawide screen support. If you look at the back of a bluray for example it has the usal 1080P / and at least of of the following aspect ratio: 2:40:1 or 2:39:1 or 2:35.1 or 1:85:1 written on the cover. If you play it on an ultrawide screen the feature automaticaly jumps to native (cinema) experience ultrawide aspects instead of upscaling them. When I use the software there is no option to copy the movie at eg: 2:40:1 but only rips the software at 1080P effectivley downgrading the experience.
    Would be great to see ultrawide screen aspect ration added to ripping. Either by having aspect ratio options or by the software detecting the aspect ratio options on the Bluray and give you all available options.

    Please add ultrawide support.

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