ULTRA HD Blu-ray? Is SlySoft support coming?

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    Yes, and with your very own link read at the bottom:

    "...Although PowerDVD 16 doesn’t support Ultra HD Blu-ray disc playback. You can still enjoy 4K HEVC Ultra HD video by PowerDVD 16."


    4K UltraHD with Hardware Acceleration

    • H.264/AVC: 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 (IvyBridge) or above
    • H.265/HEVC (8bits): 4th Generation Intel Core i5 (Haswell Refresh) or above
    • Note: PowerDVD supports 4K UltraHD video in H.264 / MP4 format at bitrates up to 60 Mbps

    I never mentioned UHD bluray disc playback....I said 4K UHD playback. BIG DIFFERENCE :eek:)
    I own PDVD 16 and it plays 4K UHD video on my PC 4K monitor just fine.

    I tried the Samsung UBD-K8500 for testing and it was nice but I much prefer watching my commercial UHD discs on Panasonic DMP-UB900 as mentioned in another post..
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    Looking at video cards and found one I might try. Rx460 supports h265 of hevc encoding decoding with HDR and HDMI 2.0b. It's a stripped down card for htpc users. Supports win7 64bit with older hardware. That way I can play uhd content that are in files or convert my h264 to h265. Don't think this card would play protected uhd platters due to windows7. Must use windows10. My computer chokes powerdvd 16 with 4k :(. Chevron........ Can you play vp9 YouTube 4k or does the browser's still use CPU decoding for that....?
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    It supports the codecs yes, but that's not the problem. The problem is aacs2 demanding a secure environment and even the gpu's needing to support SGX. Which will need driver support or even the RX4xx and GTX 10xx will be useless.

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    Guess if you do not game kaby lake CPU with on board motherboard graphics HDMI is the way to go. Looks like 800 plus dollar upgrade. Video cards are getting screwed just like first generation 4k TVs. Grrrrr... What I don't get is why the hell are they touting 4k HDR and HDMI 2.0b blah blah......glad I'm getting education on this before buying!
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    Don't cry yet, maybe AMD and Nvidia will find a way to implement it. But I'm damn sure not buying a new motherboard and CPU to get 4k. Who in their right mind would use a crappy CPU video component to render 4k anyway.

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    I will wait and watch how this plays out. Format wars......DVD...Blu-ray....now uhd 4k. At least my TV is ready.
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    4k YouTube vp9 uses CPU acceleration in browser. So you have to have a strong fast cpu to watch 4k in browser. Honestly I think Google and Microsoft and Intel are in bed with each other. Google chrome could easily allow GPU to decode vp9 but there dragging their feet to let kaby lake Intel do it.
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    If they think people will basically replace every component of a PC just to get UHD Playback, they are crazy. I have a monster system and I'm not throwing away money for disc playback... It's absurd.
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    The only reason I purchased AnyDVD in the past was to remove region code locking on Blu-ray/DVD discs.
    I will want to repurchase AnyDVD for this reason plus the ability to remove DRM off UHD Blu-ray so it can play on my hardware.
    I don't think my hardware is compatible with AACS 2.0 drm. If that DRM is gone we could just play the content on any hardware am I right?

    Although I do not have a UHD Blu-ray Drive yet. But it is something of future concern for me.
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    The whole reason behind all of this drama is the AACS 2.0 DRM. If it gets removed, none of this would be a concern.

    @MisterXDTV - I agree and I think most people would. Encrypting disks and restricting one's right to use the disk as they want is one thing, but requiring a very specific set of hardware is just beyond ridiculous. I play all of my media on my computer which I use for absolutely everything. As things currently stand, I would have to downgrade some of my hardware to get things to work (ie. scrap my nVidia card for Intel HD).
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    I think everyone is panicking needlessly and prematurely.
    Wait till the market and industry settles down and we have more definitive answers regarding the status of AMD and Nvidia.

    Many people forget that many years ago Microsoft was sued to death; world wide; over monopoly issues. Many thought that Microsoft was too big and powerful to lose but they indeed lost big time.
    I don't believe that AMD, Nvidia, nor any other company is going sit idly by while Intel, Microsoft and certain PC UHD blu-ray player manufacturers continue with their monopolistic ways.
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    As I am looking into 4k Media I find out HMV is getting shut down. HMV in Canada was pretty much the last distributor of music, dvd's, blurays,...
    Now I think my only alternative is Amazon and online special orders.

    The industry for optical media seems to be phasing out and I would be concerned if I had an investment in AnyDvD or heck even worse PowerDvD.

    I still like owning TV series sets and thier spinoff movies. I am although a niche market. I would buy all the Starwars in 4K if it existed.

    However, I build my first computer last month with no optical drive. My nephew doesn't even notice its not there.
    I think it will take longer for the market to settle down since its getting pretty niche.

    I really do hope that there is a revival in the optical media industry... most people don't know what 4k looks like. I've never seen it.
    Movie theators are just HD not 4K still.
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    It will be interesting to see how all this turns out _ I'll give it another year, but hopefully sooner, if at all.
    I would easily pay another 109 euros to get an UHD Blu-ray version.
    The alternative to that cost is to replace my MoBo and processor and quite possibly the memory.

    No Frame Interpolation at 4K....
    The only way now (and that's speculative) is AMD's smooth motion in Power DVD.
    I don't know if AMD's video cards are PlayReady 3.0 enabled or even if Power DVD 17 will work with UHD Blu-ray and AMD's smooth motion ????
    I have support tickets open for that right now and I'm awaiting an answer.

    If it wasn't for that I would simply go out and buy a stand-alone player.
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    Dove in and bought rx 470 4gig video card. I'll do a video on 4k and cpu usage and see if I can get some 10bit hdr material. This this will encode 4k at 30 fps LIVE into h265. Wow ..... I can see this running with avio 4k input to capture 4k. Can't wait to share my results with you guys. I'll post them in hometheater 101 in third party forums when I finish. I would like to keep my mobo setup.
  16. Jeff R 1

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    This will be interesting, at this point, using a capture card is the most economic way to go about things.
  17. gereral1

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    This is the first 4k h265 live recorder. Before this they cost 3 grand. This will be interesting to see how desktop capture of non hdcp sources turn out in 4k ; ) does 30p 4k and 60p 1080p into h265. So the file sizes will be small ;) That's why I jumped on this. Relive software can set bit rate and resolution. Be warned you get no 4k encode support for rx 460. You can record desktop so as long as you have hdmi in anything possible. You always do audio separate.
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    here is more detail on relive...