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    I have posted this to support but here for completness. Will post any answers supplied by support.

    I was having problems ripping a title so i put my teac (usb external) on to try it. The drive became available so i tried and it worked. At this point Mobile showed 2 drives in the drop down.

    The next morning, taking my laptop to work as usual, i started it up .. then mobile. To my surprise it stilled showed the teac as being available .. even though anyDVD did not show it AND guess what .. it wasn't attached.

    This is similar to an early message sent to slysoft about the folowing behavior. RESTART not RESTARTing (will post again as seperate problem)

    Start Mobile .. load dvd, Select Generic, NEXT, select 'D:/video_ts' (move starts displaying), NEXT, leave deafult, NEXT, leave default except put in location, GO!

    Everything works correctly and completes.

    Now, RESTART (one would think that this ACTUALLY restarts but it appears to simply go to the first page with all information the same).

    Test1 Select Generic, NEXT, screen shows 'directory not found: D:/video_ts'. Ok .. it hasn't yet found the dvd BUT when it does find the dvd it should refresh with the correct information. It doesn't. Why not .. why can clonedvd note when a disk is inserted but this can't?

    Test2, depending on when you click 'next' from the first screen, sometimes you get a message that it is trying to 'fix' or 'repair' a problem on the dvd.

    In either case ..

    1) restart *SHOULD* restart fresh .. just know drives available and default to last *known* drive
    2) once anyDVD knows the disk .. the info should be refreshed in dvdMobile. No reason to have to select D:video_ts again.