UHD rips and PowerDVD 17 DRM issues

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jamie, Feb 6, 2018.

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    I am getting sound with a black screen in PowerDVD 17 for my UHD rips. From what I gather in other threads, this is caused by a PowerDVD 17 DRM issue. What I would like to nail down is what is causing the DRM issue. Is it

    1. PowerDVD 17 requiring more recent integrated Graphics?
    2. PowerDVD 17 requiring both the monitor and GPU to be in compliance of HDCP 2.2?

    Has anyone nailed this issue down?
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Wrong section, not an anydvd problem. Moved to general chat

    1. No
    2. No again

    What matters here is the CHIPSET of the motherboard and WHERE the display device is connected to. UHD playback requires Z270 or higher based because of DRM (intel SGX), and the display device MUST be hooked up to the iGPU (processor's video, aka onboard video out and NOT a discrete gfx card) because of the same DRM restrictions. There's nothing to nail down, the UHD powerDVD system requirements are perfectly clear on that

    UHD playback with PowerDVD = FULL intel SGX support required = a secure path from the optical drive all the way down to the screen. Discrete GFX card = weak link = no UHD
  3. Jamie

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    But in other threads James stated the SGX compliance was not needed as long as anyDVD was running on the machine. He said it in this post. Was he wrong?

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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Well even if itel SGX isn't needed, PDVD still enforces the iGPU requirement and there's nothing anydvd can do about that, and a discrete gfx card definitely doesn't work many have tried & failed. You could try contacting them and say something like you've got a 4K camcorder (those do exist like
    ) which obviously produces non-encrypted content and say you can't get the video to play on PDVD (only audio). With some luck they'll tell you what the problem might be and i'm betting it's gonna be the iGPU requirement vs GFX card
  5. Jamie

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    That's what I wanted to nail down. Thank you. Do you think HDCP 2.2 compliance also maybe required and that is why a GFX card may not work?? I have a 4k monitor but it is not hdcp 2.2. The GPU is a 1070 and is rated as 2.2 compliant. Just looking for some feedback to know what I need to pursue. I don't want to pursue a new monitor if it won't help. I could use MPC-HC but I would like to incorporate UHD playback through MyMovies MMBrowser which at the moment does not support MPC-HC, or VLC playback.
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  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Mine's a 1080 and it doesn't work. The problem here is the GTX. PowerDVD sees it's not connected to the iGPU and won't do uhd. Even if you had video, it would downscale to 1080p because you're using the GTX and not the iGPU. Contact them and see if your can't squeeze out some info

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    Chevron, you used the right phrase there, squeeze out info.

    I contacted CyberLink and simply asked if Intel Graphics is the only kind of graphics PDVD 17 will play UHD Blu Ray discs with.

    After 35 days of non-answers and nonsense, someone there finally gave the answer. "Yes".

  8. Ch3vr0n

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    See. Told you, they're enforcing the iGPU, nothing AnyDVD can do about that. Regardless of the fact that SGX isn't needed anymore because it's not encrypted media you're playing.

    Glad I could help

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  9. Jamie

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    Thank you that's what I wanted to know..
  10. testiles

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    Just FYI, here's the dialog...


    "... With reference to your query, Ultra HD Blu-ray movie has higher and different requirements than any other playback media (Blu-ray/DVD movie discs, 4K video files, etc.).

    It is not only related to your hardware/software capability, but also related to the hardware and software "compatibility" with Ultra HD Blu-ray movie playback.

    Currently, there is Intel CPU and GPU only that meets the Ultra HD Blu-ray movies specification and requirements on Windows PC to perform the DRM protected content playback on the UHD-BD movie disc.

    It does NOT support on AMD or NVIDIA graphic processor/CPU currently.

    There is no development information available currently for that whether or when will the Ultra HD Blu-ray movie playback supports on AMD or NVIDIA GPU, because whether or not to support certain hardware requires not only software vendor but also hardware vendor's collaboration to deliver the solution to user...."


    "Thank you for FINALLY providing me with a definite Yes or No to my question.

    As I said before that is all I wanted to know and you have now supplied that.

    Since it took 35 days to get this response, I have already purchased my new computer. Luckily I played it safe and bought one with Intel Graphics -- since you now confirm for me that Intel is the only graphics we can use to play UHD Blu Ray discs.

    This was like pulling teeth.

    Case closed."