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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mhalter81, Dec 5, 2020.

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    I have some UHD titles that are having read errors. I've had these titles for some time. Now that my collection has grown quite a bit, I have decided to back them up and add to my PLEX server. I have 10 or so that my drives couldn't push through. Has anyone had any luck contacting WB, Universal,...... about replacement disc since I'm way beyond the return window? Of course I have cleaned, recleaned, and recleaned again the problem discs.
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    Moved to general chat. Note anydvd uhd related. That section is reserved for uhd disc related problems. Not disc exchanges.

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  3. mhalter81

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    Are you kidding me? Most definitely UHD related. But what ever you think. Apparently the first sentence was missed by you. I'll quote to help you out. "I have some UHD titles that are having read errors." How in the world is this not uhd related.
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    Rather than being argumentative, please read what he said. You posted it in the AnyDVD section. It is NOT an AnyDVD issue so he moved your post.
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    Fair enough, that makes more sense. Agreed, it's not an Anydvd problem. Thanks for clearing that up, was given the explanation its not a UHD problem. Anyway I digress... back to topic.
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    Barring the typo in the post I didn't say it wasn't uhd related, I specifically said 'Not anydvd uhd related', so yes while it is uhd related is not related to anydvd uhd functions or anydvd uhd disc related problems.

    Forum sections are (unless indicated otherwise) reserved for redfox/elaborate bytes product related problems only. Yes, you have a problem and yes it's uhd related. But no, it's not anydvd uhd related.

    Hence your post was moved to a more appropriate section. Please don't read more into it than there is. I clearly stated why your post was moved.

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  7. Balor

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    The UHD discs mostly have a read error, if the drive runs too fast, set the speed to "slow" in AnyDVD, then it should work.
    Do not forget to restart the PC!