UHD Playback on my first two rip and burns

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    Post #27. Don't get lazy reading and understanding or I my blood pressure will rise.

    EDIT: Rolling Stones: You can't always get what you want...
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    Take meds for your blood pressure. U'll live longer... LOL This link https://www.engadget.com/2010/10/22/sharps-ultraslim-bd-av70-blu-ray-bdxl-player-hitting-japan-so/ was buried in this https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/388243-BluRay-Player-with-BDXL-Support thread. I remember it now. I discounted it immediately after realizing the $1000+ USD price tag. [Probably why I forgot about it...] U could build a PC for less $$ that would do the same thing and more.
    EDIT: Damn. The date on that article is back in 2010.
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    Well. I told you so. If you have a path you want to pick for this, feel free to check with me. I will be happy to give some hints.

    P.S.: Reduce these posts you did with subjects that were already discussed before. I had no blood pressure issues before and didn't need meds. Life expectance is a complete different story. And I hope I will survive BluRay and UHD. :confused: And all those f....... limitations there are currently in place and all others they will come up with.
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    Discard every information on commercial video that is older than one year. The cat and mouse game is always on and is adding new challenges.
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    I know that you meant standalone desktop/TV player types as opposed to LG internals that do play/write BD-XL but it is strange that LG would sell burners that allow users to burn BD-XL 128 GB per disc but force their loyal customers to go out and buy their competitors players (like my Panasonic DMP-UB900) since they do not sell anything that will play what their own products burnt. LOL

    Funny as hell that is :)
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    @eviltester LG is just another giant multinational corporation. In some respects, this means that it probably does not know what it's left hand is doing at the same time while it's right hand is doing something else. Considering that at least two LG reps insisted that the UBK80 could handle BD-XL before an elevation of the case found another rep that negated those statements bear this out.
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    @coopervid I wanted to post this here first because we talked about this. i.e. Compressing a full UHD to a BD50 using CloneBD. I had a rip of "Bumblebee" on my data drive to test. [I had already tried burning to a BD-XL and we know what happened there. i.e. Almost no players support it]

    I was trying to create a BD50 size ISO. Here is the error on screen in CloneBD:

    The log file is attached. I have no idea whatsoever at to what is happening here. I just expected an overnight process. Are there some hardware requirements that I am not aware?
    EDIT: If a MOD thinks that this best posted elsewhere, would https://forum.redfox.bz/forums/anydvd-hd-uhd-only.105/ be the place?

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    Probably more rightly belongs in the CloneBD Forum.

    There's a separate sub-Forum there for CloneBD "Issues and Bugs" ...

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    @TheEmpathicEar ,

    I've been meaning to tell you that, in reference to your original problem on this thread, I've been seeing evidence of the same issue now myself.

    Playing several UHD backups that I burned to BD-R XL, I found that just after one hour, at around the 1:10 mark or so, several of them break-up and pixellate to the point of being non-playable.

    The only way I can watch these further is to get back to the Main Menu and chose a chapter farther along. From there, they play out to the end.

    Ofc, that means missing a chapter or two of the movie.

    I didn't discover this before because for the rare times I make disc backups, I spot-check them for burn success and then basically shelve them. When I finally got around to completely playing one, I hit the problem, then found it on another and then a third. Always just past the 1 hour point.

    I would say that maybe there is something special that should be done in ImgBurn for triple-layer burning not being addressed -- BUT THEN discovered the same problem in a double-layer backup I had as well !!!

    I have no clue what this is, so may completely abandon making the infrequently disc backup and stick exclusively to .iso's going forward.

    Just wanted to let you know.

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    @testiles Can you clarify some of the above? What are you using to play the BD-XLs? Also, are you compressing UHDs to BD50 and having playback issues as well? @coopervid claimed that this method worked for him?
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    Panasonic DMP-UB900.

    No playback issues for compressing to BD50 -- well not that I know of.

    I don't compress UHDs normally. Have tried one or two and tested play of the disc backup.

    Seemed fine, but again, I spot-checked and shelved and never watched movie end-to-end.

    The issue I ran into playing a double-layer mentioned above was for a normal Blu-Ray on BD-R DL.

    Compressing UHD to double-layer size allows playing a UHD on a BD-R DL disc - something which most UHD players will allow - instead of playing a BD-R XL, which most UHD players will NOT do.

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    I'm not having player problems.

    I'm having problems with the burn of some of my discs.

    Would things improve if I tried a different brand of disc? Maybe.

    Could there be a setting I can make with ImgBurn that would make better discs? Perhaps.

    It's not worth it to me to stress over it or even to investigate further since I don't do many disc backups anyway.

    So I'm good sticking to .iso's.

    But thanks for the suggestion.

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    Ok, thx, but that's a lot of question marks...
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    You're right.

    I will look into this eventually. But right now have more pressing concerns.

    One of which is a fairly new but full 8T USB Hard Drive of media that completely crashed.

    For now, issues with disc burning, which as I said I don't do much, will have to take a back burner (he he, no pun intended).

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    Hmm, a bit off topic, or maybe not... The idea of having a bunch of very large, very expensive hard drives around [internal or external] is why I decided not rip to ISO and play on my PC.
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    Hmm, a bit off topic, or maybe not... The idea of having a bunch of very large, very expensive hard drives around [internal or external] is why I decided not rip to ISO and play on my PC.

    Sounds confusing to me...
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    [This might seem confusing after all this time] I finally bought a new PC. This, https://www.microcenter.com/product/617582/powerspec-g705-gaming-computer, is it with an additional 1TB SSD that I am using for data.
    I remember you stating this incredible processing time for converting a UHD rip to a BD50. I am converting a "Bumblebee" UHD rip [on this SSD], roughly 60 GB, using CloneBD to a BD50 ISO. But, the time estimate I am getting from CloneBD is still > 4 hours? I am trying see if this is really accurate? Or, if I have a lot of configuration with this PC in general, or, the video card? Of course, I will have to wait until the conversion is done to be sure.
    EDIT: Is it OK to have the rip and output temp directory and final ISO all on the same SSD?
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    Regarding the edit, it's the same as with any hard drive (regardless) of type. It'll just increase the wear and tear a bit more, but even with a SSD you'll need to write hundreds of TB before it MIGHT start to see some bad cells.

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