UHD Playback on my first two rip and burns

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    [I am never to get this post right the first time]
    media. I have ripped and copied, "The Fifth Element" and "Ghostbusters 2" [1989] AFAIK both these discs are supported by AnyDVD. I am using ImgBurn with the same settings as for dual-layer Blu-Rays for the writes. In both discs, it seems there is a "hiccup" about 1 hour or so into the films [about half way through] - video stutter of freezing. I am using the LG UBK80 for playback. The issues seem to clear up after powering On/Off or cycling the disc tray. It is possible the LG is having trouble with a layer break? Or, something else? Just throwing this out there... :notworthy:
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    Link coded. Don't wanna attract any more attention to this board than needed. That said, AnyDVD doesn't burn to disc. So what did you use to make the backup? Did you create a folder / ISO first? If so does that exhibit the same "hiccup" (test in powerDVD if you can, or another if your system can't do UHD in powerDVD). If it doesn't than both anydvd and the backup program did their job and its definitely not an anydvd problem.
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    The linked discs are triple-layer BDXL 100GB discs. I was unaware that ANY consumer players supported playback of those, so you are ahead of the game if your player mounts them at all.

    I'm not sure that ImgBurn is capable of managing triple layer discs. I'll suggest that you try burning one as a plain BD-ROM using one of the usual burning programs like Nero. Should call for UDF-2.5.

    That said, yes its very possible that read errors will be evident at layer breaks. I question the call for using optical discs at all, when USB drives are cheap and plentiful. (Assuming your player can read from USB drives). Also note that Cinavia protection will trigger on an optical disc.
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    1. So, using my WH16NS40 with AnyDVD doing the rip to ISO is OK?
    2. No one else has commented on these discs [in general] posing any trouble? There are some comments here: https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/new...g-official-modified-asus-flasher.76571/page-6.
    3. Using ImgBurn is OK to write to these discs?
    3. As I mentioned, I am using a LG UBK80 home theatre player. Are there any specs for this model that would indicate that it can not support these discs?
    I'm just trying to get some insight. I have been using this player for HD Blu-Rays with no prob. This is the first time I have used it for UHDs. The player is much slower loading these UHD discs than HD Blu-Ray.
    EDIT: If these blank discs are an issue for many consumer players, then what are other folks using? There must be other members here that are not having these issues.
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    This players specs state that it will read ANY disc (BDXL included). If you have issues with it reading any BDXL disc, then have it repaired under warranty since it fails to meet warranty specs as advertised.

    This drive also reads and writes BDXL discs.
    We have upgraded our clients over the years from CDROM readers; in the early days; to current BDXL drives such as you have. We have thousands of clients and our OEM supplier ensures 100% adherence to our rigid specifications that we demand on purchase orders. Out of several thousand WH16NS40's we ordered over the years, only a few handful failed to read/write BDXL discs. They were returned to manufacturer by our OEM supplier and fixed/replaced to meet our demands.
    Do not settle for anything less than advertised specs. It is your money so demand they fix/repair to those specs.
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    Hi TheEmphaticEar!

    The NS40 shouldn't have any issue burning the BD-R XL's. As I mentioned before, I'm doing it with an NS60 that has NS40 firmware.

    ImgBurn is what I use and I have had close to a 100% success rate when burning to triple-layer BD-R's.

    I didn't have to change anything in ImgBurn from what I used to burn single- and double-layer BD-R's.

    Are these the discs you found on Amazon we talked about you trying out?

    If so, they weren't the exact ones I use, but the ones I use were price too high at the time. These were cheaper but were still Verbatim...

    If this player couldn't handle BD-R XL, it would not have played the disc at all.

    All of them are.

    More data to read.

    This is definitely a mystery. If two discs both stop about the halfway point, I would have been inclined to think there may be some issue with layer changing, as you suspected.

    But why would recycling the player or disc tray make it suddenly work?

    If I had to guess, I would think it may be an issue with those discs. Can you try a blank from a different batch to test?

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  7. TheEmpathicEar

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    @testiles Thx for going pt by pt. The discs are linked in my previous post. It's not exactly a halfway pt - close though. With "Ghostbusters 2" it was a freeze. With "The Fifth Element" it was more like the video jumped into the next chapter. Both of these, however, could be overcome by cycling the disc tray, and maybe a little back and forth in the playback.
    [One more test] My backup of "Apollo 13" froze at about 1 hr and 24 mins. The key thing here is that playback, FF, RW, PLAY, PAUSE have no effect [seemingly] at this pt. Cycling the disc tray definitely fixed this. In all these cases of cycling the disc tray, you need to respond: "Yes" to "Resume Video". I tested the original disc of "Apollo 13" and had no issues whatsoever. I am assuming this means that the LG is not at fault? If we assume the process of backing up, AnyDVD rip to ISO and ImgBurn for the write, is OK then maybe these discs at fault? Is it still possible that they are not completely compatible with the LG. I have had the LG since December and played many Blu-Ray HD discs OK. I am still a bit confused about all this. If this is a layer break issue more so than other issues?
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    "So, using my WH16NS40 with AnyDVD doing the rip to ISO is OK?"
    In the post I quoted, you were actually asking about ripping to .iso not burning to disc.

    Sorry. But yeah, ripping with the NS40 should be fine.

    Looks like the ones you talked about in the other thread.

    No clue if they could be your issue as I've never used them. They are definitely a valid suspect.

    That's why I was wondering if you had any other blank triple layers to try and see if you get different results.

    I'm sure you're already doing things like double-checking that the blanks are clean and smudge-/fingerprint-free when you mount them. Triple-layer discs are very sensitive to that type of thing...

    Sure. Not the originals just the burned copies have problems.

    If you play the ripped .iso's with no issues then the problem is in the burn chain.

    Probably not ImgBurn, unless you've changed some settings since starting triple-layer burns that threw things off. I kind of doubt this is the problem.

    The NS40 if fully capable of the burn so in and of itself it's not the problem.

    Could be the NS40's interaction with these particular discs or the discs themselves that don't work well after all.

    You can only tell by either using the discs in a different set-up and/or using different discs in the same setup and see what's the result.

    Otherwise it's pure conjecture.

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  9. TheEmpathicEar

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    Well, this is one thing I can double-check. I've got "The Mummy" [1999]. I'll clean the original first. When I am done with the backup/copy, I'll clean the backup and see what happens during playback.
    EDIT: I wanted to reemphasize: All the rips I did with AnyDVD were error free. One hiccup was with "The Fifth Element". I cleaned it with warm soapy water and using a microfiber cloth to finish off. After this, the rip went smoothly.
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  10. testiles

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    Right but make sure the blank disc is ultra-clean before attempting the burn.

    Good luck!

  11. TheEmpathicEar

    TheEmpathicEar Well-Known Member

    Hmm, "The Mummy" froze at about 1 hr and 4 minutes or roughly half way through. This could be at a layer break? I just don't understand why cycling the disc tray out/in and "Resume Movie" seems to reset this. Maybe the LG gets vital information it did not have when playback froze? In any case, someone said, "it's pure conjecture", no where to go.
  12. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Well actually I said it's pure conjecture unless you can do further testing with a different set of blank discs.

    But always having issues near the halfway point does suggest layer change problems. Of some kind....

    Wait, I take that back. Since it's triple layer, I would think layer problems start near a third of the way through??

  13. TheEmpathicEar

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    I don't know the answer to the question: Does one layer on this disc represent 1 Hr? Yes/No/Maybe, but probably not all of the time? x265 HEVC is very different from x264. I believe x265 uses some amount of compression.
    One simple idea is to purchase another [different?] player from Best Buy and see what happens? [And, return it] Or, maybe contact LG Customer Support and try to glean some concrete info.
    EDIT: AnyDVD Q: "Rip Video Disc to HardDisk" vs. "Rip to image", any difference when writing the results?
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  14. testiles

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    Yeah, I was kinda just thinking out loud.

    One layer doesn't represent 1 hour but (ofc) a certain amount of bytes.

    If your movie completely fills the disc (over 90G) then the first layer break should come around the 1/3 point and the second around the 2/3 point. Or so it would seem.

    Did you first try playing the entire movie on the computer? Does it still hiccup after an hour? Then it's the disc.

    Again, if you were able to play the .iso that the disc was burned from with no issues on your computer, then the source material for the burn is not the problem.

    So, it wouldn't make a difference if you created a folder instead of the .iso -- except ImgBurn has to re-format folders to write them to disc but can write .iso's more-or-less directly.

    In short, using 'Rip Video Disc" shouldn't change the situation.

  15. TheEmpathicEar

    TheEmpathicEar Well-Known Member

    * Ultra HD BD-ROM format.
    * Discs such as movies that can be purchased or
    * “Blu-ray 3D” discs and “Blu-ray 3D ONLY” discs.
    * BD-R/RE discs that are recorded in BDAV format
    I revisited the above specs for BD discs for the LG UBK80. I was wondering if anything above, BDAV, specifically, is an issue for any of these playback problems? I've been using ImgBurn for the writes. I has assumed that this was OK, because I have had not issue so far for HD Blu-Rays.
  16. Ch3vr0n

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    Afaik BDAV is mainly a japanese format.
  17. TheEmpathicEar

    TheEmpathicEar Well-Known Member

    Thx. I am just trying to rule out the player as a suspect in regards to the playback issues I posted here. When I have time, I will probably call LG. After this, I might try some other media and see what happens.
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  18. TheEmpathicEar

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    [Trying to be thorough about this...] I started a repair/replace process with LG. @eviltester hinted at this.
    @testiles Bad media and/or Bad Writes/Burns could be at fault too? I linked to Amazon as far as the media I am using. I read through some of the reviews, specifically, those tagged under "failure rate" and "bad burns". It's hard to tell.
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  19. eviltester

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    I will try to offer some extra info into this matter; that helped us in the past; which may shed some light into your current issues & point you into another aspect of troubleshooting.

    Many years ago; CD era days; we had issues burning at different speeds. LG techs had us use the exact same brand/type of media & burn the same audio at 1X and then at 8X. We had issues due to us not adhering to the LG drives' writing speed specs & the blank media's speed. Ch3vr0n has eluded to this before in other posts and is 100% accurate in his speculations at that time.

    We have since learnt from LG, Lite-on, Pioneer, Plextor that your burners have specific writing speeds for different types of media (CD/DVD/BD/etc.) and the media used also has specific burning speeds that MUST be adhered to. They both have to match when you do your burns. Just because your software displays 1X - 48X speed options does NOT mean that you can use them. You will get poor results. High speed media is designed to be used at the rated speed, NOT a lower speed. Low speed media is designed to burn at low speed NOT a higher one. YMMV but it is best to stick to matching both media and burner speeds to achieve optimum results.

    We no longer have accounts on several technical sites that we used to rely on (plus many have closed up shop) but these articles that helped us in the past when we had issues are still valid and available & will provide a thorough explanation better than I can atm. Perhaps Ch3vr0n could also link his past posts regarding this matter on speeds he did in the past ( I searched for Ch3vr0n's posts & millions came up :))

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    @eviltester I will have to read through this again. It tends to raise more questions than provide specific answers. IOW, what would be the best speed using this media and writer? I have been using the lowest speed available: 2x. This worked well for Blu-Ray HDs. Maybe not so well for these UHDs? Also, what about other folks burning UHDs? Have they just been getting "lucky"?
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