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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by phillipe, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. phillipe

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    does anyone else use Kodi for playback of rips? Standard Blu-rays have been flawless. I recently got into the UHD's. I was surprised that i had a "friendly" drive to rip them and it worked for all titles, thus far. But playback on Kodi gives a viewing definition lower than the standard Blu-ray quality. Any suggestions?
  2. James

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    Running Kodi on a PC?
    Run Kodi on a decent media player, like Nvidia Shield TV or OSMC Vero 4K. Much better abd cheaper than a PC.
  3. phillipe

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    Ive already built the pc. it has 4k capable video card.
  4. phillipe

    phillipe Member

    so i guess my question is how do you get 4k Blu-ray rips to play with full quality on kodi? so far the files rip through anydvd but do not playback with 4k quality. i have all capable hardware to support the format.
  5. testiles

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    Hi @phillipe

    I don't know anything about Kodi but it may help those who do if you clarify what you mean by "playback on Kodi gives a viewing definition lower than the standard Blu-ray quality".

    Are you saying the resolution is lower than 1080p?

    Or are you saying it just looks worse to the naked eye? 'Cause that could be caused by the player not handling HDR properly....

    One thing's for sure is that AnyDVD ripped whatever was on the original UHD discs.

    But UHD playback is convoluted and tricky as you are discovering.

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  6. Trueinsanity

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    I dont see if its ISO or not but a bit of the UHD play back is in the Version 18 "leia" of kodi