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UHD logs, just in case

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by mbarnstijn, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. mbarnstijn

    mbarnstijn Well-Known Member

    I've got logs for my purchased and owned UHD San Andreas and Logan Lucky, both Canadian releases, in the hopes that this might help the devs support these two discs in the near future. They're the only discs of more than 60 that aren't decoded by AnyDVD's experimental UHD support. I'm looking forward to backing up these last two discs.

    I don't know if the JAR files are useful, but I've included them, too.

    Yes, I know it's been said that log files aren't required. I also recall @Pete saying if a UHD disc doesn't work, maybe it will help debug this experimental feature of AnyDVD to provide the devs a log file.

    Thanks @Pete & @James !


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  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Logs are not required at this time. They will say when they're desired. We don't want uhd log overloading at the moment. Uhd support is experimental and they've got plenty of logs at uhd's were first released.

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  3. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    No, that was a misunderstanding - I meant CloneBD log files for UHD discs that work with AnyDVD, but not with CloneBD.
  4. mbarnstijn

    mbarnstijn Well-Known Member

    Ooops! Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  5. mbarnstijn

    mbarnstijn Well-Known Member


    So, if I see the pop-up message "Cannot process request at this moment, please try again later!", which is what I get on only the above mentioned two UHD discs, this means that the UHD disc is not supported, right?

    I'm curious how these unsupported UHD discs will become supported in future. Will there be a time, in the near future, when you will request us to send in the UHD equivalent of log files as is done currently for unsupported Blu-rays?

  6. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    What I think is interesting is that San Andreas and another UHD that has this issue, Lone Survivor, worked in using the UHDkey list.

    That means the new process is not just plugging in leaked keys but doing something much more robust.

    Whatever that new process is, it's not working yet for these and probably just a few more titles.

    So curious as to what's different about them but I'm sure that's need-to-know level info.

  7. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Checked Lone Survivor today and it's now working.


    San Andreas is not ready yet.

    @mbarnstijn is Lucky Logan working now?