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UHD + HDR (HVEC 10-Bit) - Quality Selection Not Working


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Jul 2, 2008
When ripping a 4K disc with HDR, and selecting HVEC 10-Bit encoding, the quality slider doesn't seem to do anything and seems to be stuck at an approx 7 bitrate, which is really low for this type of media.
Of course, I do apologise for the delay.

This is the standard HEVC:

That's all good. If you look at the bitrate, you'll notice it says "40.00 mbps."

This is the HEVC 10bit:

HEVC 10bit.png

You'll notice the bitrate drops right down to 6.13 mbps even though the slider is maxed out. Any ideas?
Ok, I know why I never noticed this ... your encoder is set to "software"
Do you have some hardware device to do the encoding?
I don't see that behaviour there
Plus: the encoding is 5 times faster, no kidding.
Does the result really match the shown size/bitrate?
@QuillyWilly , to be honest: CBD w/o a NVIDIA GPU is no fun at all. Veeeery slow. If you use it regularly you should invest in at least a GTX 1050 or 1650 for approx. 150 USD.