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  1. allpurpbox

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    I just got a new Asus BW-16D1HT. I was surprised because it has firmware 3.01! It works perfectly!

    Firmware 3.02 is UHD friendly, correct? Does anybody know what firmware 3.02 fixes? I am reluctant to flash it to 3.02 and will more than likely just leave it alone at firmware 3.01.

    Firmware 3.03 is not UHD friendly, correct?
  2. TheDarkKnight

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    @allpurpbox Yes the Firmware 3.02 ist UHD Friendly i have the same Asus Drive with Firmware Version 3.02 and it works fine
  3. TheDarkKnight

    TheDarkKnight Well-Known Member

    and the Firmware 3.03 is not UHD friendly
  4. st4evr

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    Upgrading to a recent version of 3.02 may break UHD ripping functionality. There have been various reports of this. Appears Asus has fixed the loophole silently on their most recent versions of 3.02. Downloading it directly from Asus can break UHD friendly functionality.

    You would need a version of the firmware from January 17 or before.

    More importantly, since you are on 3.01, if it ain't broke, why try to fix it?
  5. pixeluk

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    Here in the UK Distributors are now shipping the Asus BW-16D1HT with a manufacture date of 1/1/18 and a newer version of 3.02 firmware that is not UHD friendly.

    Thankfully the firmware downgrade process described elsewhere works fine to downgrade to the older 3.02 release or earlier and restore UHD friendliness!