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    Hello, I have been successfully backing up my BluRay collection over the years but would like to do the same for a few 4k titles that I have. I am quite confused about which UHD drive to get that will work with AnyDVD HD. Can someone please provide an up-to-date list of these (with direct links for purchase if that is allowed?). It would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks
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    Get LG WH16NS40 or ASUS BW-16D1HT, they are around $80 on Amazon or Canada Computers. They both will come with new firmware that won’t allow you to rip 4K UHD disc, but there is patched flasher and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link so you have to be resourceful, but easy to find and once you get the patched flasher, that will allow you downgrade your firmware to either LG 1.2 or Asus 302, both are working great and you'll be set to go.
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    If you would please check out these two links from the RedFox Forum:

    CD/DVD/BD Drives will help you get all the info that you need.
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