UHD firmware downgrading tool, Redfox Future?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jamie, Nov 2, 2018.

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    If the moderators believe that this post in any way breaks forum rules, please feel free to take it down and I am deeply sorry for breaking the rules.

    I saw a promotion by a Redfox competitor today, "The Monkee", if I am allowed to say, describing a new UHD firmware downgrading tool that "will" allow easy firmware downgrades of UHD friendly drives. This maybe an interesting alternative for some that fear the other methods described in another section of this forum.

    I wonder if the developers of redfox have thought about doing something like this and I am concerned that Redfox isn't branching out and providing solutions, especially in the UHD area, that competitors claim to have.

    I have read assertions, whether true, or not, I cannot say, that the competitors have come to the point of almost cracking uhd disks. I know that uhd protection hasn't truly been cracked and that they use a firmware hole, so please don't go down that rat hole. It seems to me that perhaps competitors have better uhd ripping options than redfox and that from "our" perspective that redfox hasn't advanced and grown.

    I am concerned regarding that matter and I know that if something is in the works that the developers can say little about it. I was happy to see that James and crew came out with a UHD enhancement to allow ripping of UHD disks, but to what I understand, that enhancement relies on the work and cooperation of another product. My joy was somewhat diminished. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I have held out, I guess over the last year now, hoping that James and crew could come out with their own non-dependent product. I know that the possibility of truly cracking UHD protection is almost nil, but I wish redfox would do more to compete and enhance their product.

    Sorry if I offended James and crew, or the moderators, but it would be nice if we could be allowed to have an open friendly discussion of our perceptions, hopes, and desires for what we would like to see redfox do in the future and our fears of what we have not seen lately.

    Maybe it will entice the people at Redfox to move forward and provide something to us hinting that there maybe something in the works and that there will be news about it eventually. I can hope?

    I hope that this thread is not taken down and I have seen the moderators here allow people to freely discuss competitors in the past. I just know that other product forums have squashed such discussions, pulled down threads, concerning discussions that commented positively on competitive products, or even suggested a lack of support, or advancement of their product. I hope that this is not true of this forum and I don''t want to get in trouble with the Redfox crew. I just have some concerns on what I have seen, or not seen, in this software field.
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  3. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    Just stating that I have not observed growth, new solutions, from redfox lately, and wondering whether anything is moving forward and also trying to elicit discussion concerning this matter. I am concerned by the solutions being developed by competitors and the lack of "perceived" solutions of redfox.

    I know I am walking a thin line and that my discourse might be too long. Sorry for all the apologies and length. I get carried away with explanations
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    And so it is said "To he who waits patiently, all good things shall come."
    So sayeth the FOX, the sayer of sooths, with a smile on his face.
  5. James

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    Interesting, from the guys who said, they will never, ever crack UHD:

    What do they claim to have?
    A firmware downgrade tool?

    Can you elaborate, what you mean by "cracking UHD discs"? In comparison to what we / they do now?

    I don't understand. You will need the firmware hole forever. I don't believe there will be a clean solution for official UHD drives, because every official drive must be registered and authenticated by the AACS LA via an online connection. (PowerDVD does this for you).

    That's why we aren't asking for money for UHD decryption. It is a free bonus.
    We are working on improving UHD decryption, and one day, we might be able to ask for a UHD fee. Maybe in February.
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  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    To recap the situation:
    Friendly drives are and will be required, a firmware downgrade tool is helpful. Does it come with the correct downgrade firmware? Would be a copyright violation, but hey, in China nobody cares.
    The loophole will vanish from new official UHD drives. Potential UHD customers are limited to existing owners of friendly-ish drives (downgradable).
    Not exactly what I would call a growing market.
  7. Lukas

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    I think due to the complexity of UHD it is ever to play :D have UHD format the power of customers it will not be incredibly expensive and the hardware as such is UHD in the form of physical blu-ray UHD also madly expensive do not god if you just for this purpose want to build a computer :(
  8. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    Hi James,

    I have followed this forum quietly behind the scenes for years.

    By better uhd capability, I, by only reading comments in this forum, understand that DEUHD can decrypt SOME official drives which redfox can't do. I also read here that Redfox relies on another product for UHD decryption and I was hoping that Redfox would come out with it's own version, where it would not have to depend on that product. If I am wrong, or if that has changed please tell me.

    I use only Redfox and I have friendly drives that Redfox can use to decrypt UHD disks, so I don't want to advertise, or advocate for the competition. I am just saddened, maybe concerned, by these events. I know that the so called monkey overstates their propaganda and goes overboard and has even said that they have actually cracked UHD 2.0/2.1? protection. This is probably oversell and a devious attempt to get people to buy their product. I did try DVDfab when Slysoft went down and wasn't impressed as I was with Slysoft and now Redfox. Many discs would not decrypt, or rip.

    I am happy/relieved that you guys resurrected the company from the ashes. I hope that you are able to have your own personal way to rip discs using friendly drives, if you have not already done that. Maybe you see that hole closing, even for those of us who already have friendly drives. Your thoughts? If that is true I can see you not investing development time/money into something that will not pan out. I am glad that unlike others, that you didn't charge for the UHD decrypting enhancements. I commend you for it.

    I commend you guys also for not shutting me up and allowing me to question the seemingly lack of direction of the company. I have questioned a seemingly lack of support by other product forums and have been taken down and admonished privately for my statements.

    Regarding support I also commend Redfox and all that they do to fix bugs and at least support the product and keep it going, as is. I especially thank you Pete and all that you do. I know that support takes a lot of time and money and I can't see how you guys do it on a one time license.

    Hope that you guys at least stay in business and remain a competing company. I hope that you are able and willing to respond to my questions and conflicts that I mentioned. Sorry for my long discourse. I myself don't like long posts and generally don't read them.
  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Yes. With a vendor unique command, which certainly will vanish with the next firmware upgrade for these drives.

    As I have already said, we are working on a new way to decrypt UHD discs. However, it is a relief not be in the crosshairs of AACS LA for once at the moment. :)

    Indeed. The only thing DVDFab does well, is shutting down AnyDVD for no reason, if you start the program. I gave them a tool to shut down AnyDVD, when using Passkey, to avoid conflicts. What do they do? They shut down AnyDVD with all their software. I am very disappointed.

    Unless you upgrade your firmware, you're fine.

    Well, we aren't a company. This doesn't make things easy. We can't employ "ten programmers or graphic designers" to help. We are short on resources and have tons of work to do.

    Neither do I. ;)

    We are working on a new product, which has nothing to do with "shiny discs". I hope, that this will offer us a bright future. UHD Blu-ray decryption just isn't anything you can base a business on. We do this only for ... completeness.
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  10. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    Thanks James for your honesty and frankness. I look forward to these "advancements" that you have mention and I think everything that you said satisfied my concerns.

    I was a developer once, working in a couple large organizations. I know the costs of maintaining a development shop and supporting a product. Developers have to eat too and there is always other support staff, unrecognized behind the scenes. That also doesn't take into account maintaining servers and a lot of other overhead. I believe that this new tool you mentioned, not for decryption I understand, will have a separate cost and I can't see how you can do it out without a separate charge.

    To get to my point, I foresee others complaining no matter what you charge. People just don't understand all the costs that go into developing and supporting a product. Some just just like to complain to make a fuss.

    I know the costs of providing support and I can't see how you can continue to SUPPORT anydvd without charging a support/maintenance fee. Unless you are making a good amount by acquiring new user license purchases. Some would cry foul, but I would be happy to pay a support/maintenance fee to keep my decrypting ability going. I see all that Pete does, and I can only guess at the other people, that may be working behind the scenes.

    I talk to much and I will shut up. I can only envision some penny pinching user tracking me down and shutting me up for good. :)
  11. John Bank

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    Hi Jamie,

    My friend has this tool and he downgraded 50 drives in one day. Really easy to use. He charges £25 for each downgrade, told him he is being a bit greedy. Like talking to a wall.
  12. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    I have 4 ASUS BW-16D1HT drives that I bought when Redfox started UHD beta support. The all have the proper firmware because I bought them before ASUS changed their firmware to be unfriendly. Thanks, anyway.
  13. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    There is a tool in another section here that should make the downgrade much easier too.
  14. SamuriHL

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    And free. And no need for stupid sata->ide tricks.
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    Ah, good times... Livin' On A Prayer