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    I apologize, probably asking the same question(s) over and over; but, here goes. I'm posting 2 logfiles, HTPC and Desktop;

    HTPC seems to support SGX, might play Hunter Killer UHD?
    Desktop does not support SGX, will not play UHD?

    HTPC AnyDVD can't retrieve AGID, is this the friendly vs official drive?
    Desktop drive does (seemingly) work, and was actually able to rip Hunter Killer UHD.

    But shouldn't I be able to play UHD on HTPC/ while NOT using AnyDVD? It's telling me (PowerDVD) I need to update my video driver, which I have; Are there any clues for what I need, to be able to play UHD on HTPC?

    If Desktop can rip the UHD, can I then play the iso using vitual clone drive? Or powerdvd using the folder structure.

    I know you guys are light years ahead of me as far as technical knowledge, sorry if I'm wasting your time.

    any help is greatly appreciated!

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    The first drive bh16NS40 is an uhd friendly drive that works with AnyDVD. The second one BU40N is an official uhd drive. Those do NOT work with AnyDVD unless you can modify the firmware. Uhd playback restrictions for powerdvd are listed on it's product page. It's not a matter of up-to-date software, you need matching hardware too.

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  3. testiles

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    I see this message all the time with UHD decryption - whether a disc decrypts or not. But always on a friendly drive.

    I'm not sure if the process gets that far on an official drive (since AnyDVD can't decrypt UHDs using them) and don't have one to test it.

    If I had to guess I would think it may not get far enough to show that message with an official drive.

    Wow, this is a loaded question.

    First, if you're talking about UHD discs or protected .iso's, the first issue is whether or not you're using a licensed player.

    Because I just found out only licensed players like PowerDVD can play Blu-Rays and UHDs without AnyDVD (I've always used licensed players).

    Unlicensed players like VLC and JRiver require AnyDVD to handle the AACS handshake, so will not play those discs without it.

    You're using PDVD, so you're good there.

    Once you get past that, license players (at least PowerDVD) have a lot of additional system requirements that you have to meet to play UHDs in specific.

    As Ch3vron said, you can find them all listed on PowerDVD's website.

    I can tell you one of them is you have use Intel Graphics and no other GPU.

    Yes to both, but with the same restrictions as above.

  4. Ch3vr0n

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    The AGID error appears only in the following cases I believe

    - using an official uhd drive
    - dirty/defective uhd disc with a friendly drive
    - trying to decrypt a protected iso from a disc where AnyDVD hasn't seen the original before and no data is in the OPD.

    Maybe @Pete can supplement or correct that if I'm missing anything.

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  5. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Hi @Chevron ,

    The AGID message comes up every time I play a protected UHD .iso

    These .iso's are created from the original disc using AnyDVD, so AnyDVD has seen them before.

    The only time I don't get the AGID message with UHD is when playing a UHD disc (on a friendly drive, ofc) or when playing an unprotected UHD .iso.

    I've come to just ignore it since the .iso decrypts and plays just fine.

  6. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Then you need to provide logfiles so Pete can take a look

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  7. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Since the message displays for every protected UHD .iso I have, and I have over a hundred now, and happens every time, yet the .iso plays perfectly, I assumed it was just part of UHD processing.

    Am I the only person who gets this message?

    I'd be glad to post a logfile or two if needed by @Pete .

    Let me know for sure.