UHD Blu-rays and HDCP 2.2

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    I'm considering getting a 4K Blu-ray drive for my PC, but I'm not sure if AnyDVD HD will currently enable me to play UHD Blu-ray discs due to HDCP 2.2.

    I noticed that in the product description for AnyDVD HD, it states that the program allows you to watch Blu-rays without a HDCP-complaint graphics card/monitor, but does this also apply to UHD discs or not? If not, could the program support this in the future?

    I did use the CyberLink Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor app, and it told me that I need a GPU/monitor that supports HDCP 2.2. I use an MSI GTX 970 graphics card with an LG 4K TV.
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    HDCP is HDCP. The problem here, is your dedicated graphics card. In order for PowerDVD to support 4k, it needed to implement Intel SGX (Software Guard eXtension) which requires a closed loop ALL the hardware involved. In this case drive, motherboard and display device. The problematic factor here, is the dedicated graphics card. That's a third party component with third party drivers and poses a "security risc" where SGX is involved. Thats why its also specifically mentioned in the powerdvd system requirements

    So unless you hook up your display to the onboard GPU (in the cpu), UHD DISC playback is out of the question. While anydvd does remove the HDCP requirement, it doesn't remove the hardcoded check by PowerDVD. There's nothing anydvd can do about that. Note: i highlighted DISC playback, when you convert to an MKV for example, Powerdvd will happily ignore that requirement

    There is however a "workaround".

    You don't mention the specific motherboard/CPU and 4K tv involved, but i'll assume basics.

    Any LG 4K tv i look for has more than 1 HDMI port, your motherboard should have 1 HDMI or displayport connection. Simply hook up an hdmi cable from the motherboard's HDMI port to one of the free ports on the TV and you're good to go screenwise, if no HDMI port is present on your motherboard but only displayport then any displayport (1.2) to HDMI cable should do fine. Then all you need to do whenever you want to play an UHD DISC is switch input on the TV when you start powerDVD. Again, convert to MKV (with CloneBD) and PowerDVD will ignore all that crap last time i checked

    Note: AnyDVD only works with UHD friendly drives (google can tell you those), official UHD drives such as the LG BH/WH16NS60 DO NOT work with anydvd. Other models such as the BH16NS55 (post 2017 models) work but need specific firmware versions (or can / must be downgraded / crossflashed)[/quote]
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    I have an MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard with an AMD FX-8350 Black Edition CPU (8-core), so I don't think my PC meets the SGX requirement. After looking at my mobo's specs, it doesn't seem to have an onboard GPU or any HDMI/DP sockets of its own. My GTX 970 GPU does have 1 HDMI which I use to connect to my TV, and it also has 1 DisplayPort socket, but based on what you said that probably wouldn't suffice.

    However, you spoke about the SGX specifically for PowerDVD, so is there any 4K software that doesn't have this requirement?

    Also, I have an LG 49UJ634V 4K TV if that helps.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    At this point your display device is irrelevant until you have the proper hardware. Yeah your pretty much screwed. That's an AMD system so Intel SGX is out from the get go. However. Most modern CPU's have a built-in GPU but yours doesn't either. So that's 2 strikes against you (non intel board, non-intel cpu)

    There is alternative software like i believe MadVR with the proper LAV filters (maybe @SamuriHL can assist here / confirm that, don't know if MadVR supports uhd DISC playback) but disc playback wise you just don't have the hardware for it. Even if you were to get an uhd friendly model drive, it still wouldn't work because you don't have an intel SGX capable motherboard/CPU.

    Your only option here basically (if you don't want to build a whole new uhd capable system) is

    1. Get an uhd friendly drive model
    2. Get CloneBD
    3. Convert the disc to an MKV movie-only, play that file
  5. ItsMeBilly

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    Yeah it looks like I won't be able to play UHD discs with my current rig. Oh well, maybe one day I'll get a new player/rig set up. Thanks for your help anyway :)
  6. SamuriHL

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    Alright, just got to read this one. Yea, ok so you can use that machine to play decrypted UHD's using lav filters and madvr. I use J River MC which allows full decrypted UHD playback including menus. There's a bit of configuration to do that but it's definitely possible. I don't know much about your specific hardware and whether it'll handle the decoding tasks of UHD but it might. Won't hurt to try it regardless.

    EDIT: To clarify one point, if the disc is supported by AnyDVD, you can play it off the disc with J River. No ripping needed.
  7. SLKabaker

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    If you have a BDXL ("UHD Friendly") Drive and AnyDVD HD, you can play UHD Discs (and ISO Images) with VLC. VLC supports the menus, as well. VLC gives you the same ease of use as PowerDVD. I have never used J River MC with madvr; but, I have heard it offers more options and can be configured to offer better Picture Quality. I just like how you install VLC and it's ready to go. However, I am watching on my laptop. I don't (currently) have an HTPC configuration.
  8. happyguy82

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    I have 2 x NVIDIA 1080Ti but if I ever wanted to play UHD discs using Cyberlink PowerDVD, I can simply plug the DisplayPort cable directly into the motherboard rather than the GPU. Or just use AnyDVD HD and stick with the NVIDIA GPUs.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    That's one of the options I suggested, but the problem here is he can't even do that. AMD system, no SGX support at all.

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  10. happyguy82

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    of course!! sorry that bit completely escaped me. Yeah AMD systems can't be used without 3rd party decryptors.
  11. Ch3vr0n

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    Anydvd is a third party decrypter , problem is or can't remove the hardcoded check for Intel SGX in powerdvd itself.

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  12. happyguy82

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    Yes I meant use AnyDVD and another software player. Cyberlink can't be used :)