UHD Blu-ray Rip Hanging Up

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    On the two discs I’ve done, Jigsaw and Life, the first one, Jigsaw worked good, although multiple times, while ripping iso with anydvd, the estimated time remaining went to 0:00:00 but the rip speed remained at ~10mb/s. The completed rip finished at ~24mb/s and played perfect from my nas using Shield tv and plex.
    The second one, I’m having rip to image troubles with anydvd. First try 3%, hangs up I have to kill it using task manager, remaining time 0:00:00 rip speed 0mb/s. Cleaned disc.
    Second try same thing at 16%. Cleaned disc with Mother’s Plastic Polish, my tried and true goto, and trying again. Has anyone else seen this? The disc looks clean.

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    That fixed the problem.
    ISO done! These thing are Really Finicky?
    The disc looked completely clean on the first attempt.

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