Type of protection used on Californication.

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    Does anyone know what type of protection is used on Californication. Building my TV server, season 1 of this series, has some kind of playback protection that does not allow the picture to display properly. It is if every other horizontal line is removed from the picture. Since the dvd's are so cheap I have bought 2 copies of season one, and both have this type of protection. I doubt anydvd can correct this problem, but maybe someone knows of another program that can correct this problem.
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    Many have said they doubt anydvd could, yet speelt after it did. We can't make any medicine on a situation like that

    Post a logfile so James can take a look

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    The reason I said that is because the dvd is 12 years old now, and while there were discussions on ripping and burning problems. The dvd actually rips finds, the problem is that it will not even play properly from the disc. It will play find in both the shrink preview window and Clonedvd preview window. But VLC and the Kodi player will not play it properly.
    But just in case here is the logfile.

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    I don't think this is a protection problem. Maybe an authoring bug. You can try to convert the episodes with CloneDVDmobile.