Two Requests: write dvd.xml file, remember "preserve DVD menu"

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by TechFarmer, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. TechFarmer

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    I've been using using Slysoft product for years - thanks for the great software and frequent updates

    Here are 2 features I'd love to see in CloneDVD:

    1. Create DVD.xml file when ripping: Now that AnyDVD correctly preservers the DVD ID, it would be great if CloneDVD would create the appropriate dvd.xml file when ripping. This would allow Windows Media Center (and the My Movies plug-in) to correctly identify the contents of folders and automatically download cover art and movie details. It's a bother to create the file manually each time I rip a movie. I would be elated if this could be handled by CloneDVD. (Perhaps this option could be configured on the same page as "create video_ts directory" option.)

    2. Remember to leave the "Preserve DVD Menus" box checked: I like to keep the entire contents of DVDs intact when I rip them. (I love having the menus and bonus features.) Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to click the "Preserve DVD Menus" box when ripping a movie, so I have to re-rip it. It would be great if Clone DVD remembered the previous setting so I don't have to remember to check it every time I copy (or re-copy) a DVD.

    Again, thanks for the great software!

    For reference, here is a sample dvd.xml file. There could either be a prompt for movie name, or the disc name could be used.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <Name>Michael Clayton</Name>
  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    To do this select the Clone DVD option. The menus are automatically preserved and then you can remove what you don't want.
  3. TechFarmer

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    Great tip - thanks! If only the create DVD.XML file feature were this easy.:)
  4. TechFarmer

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    Here's some more info for you:

    the DVDID is basically a CRC64 checksum of a few files on the disk.

    Here are the MSDN docs on how to calculate the ID file:

    -DVDID Attribute:



    A user over at (Galeno) actually wrote an executable that does this, but I can't find the program or the author any more. Anyway, here is a link:
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  5. cbek

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    I am also very interesting by the dvdid.xml file.
    This functionality is already in DVDFab.
    Do you think this can be a futur version?

  6. Groovymanchu

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    I've been creating my dvdid files by hand and it's drives me crazy. Thought I'd share this little file I downloaded tonight. After you clone the dvd run this app and it creates a basic (dvd name and dvdid) xml file.

    I found it here:
    Select the My DVD settings link
  7. TechFarmer

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    I now use MyMovies to manage my DVD/Blu-ray collection. When each file is stored is its own directory, MyMovies will automatically create the dvdid.xml file and copy the cover art into the directory.
  8. asperger

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    the log file created by anydvd contains the dvdid, although it refers to it as DiscID

    i.e. Shrek 2:
    DiscID 12553817595785931726 0xae381e9723de6bce
    DvdID AE381E97-23DE6BCE

    I hope this information is ( acurate and ) helpful to slysoft and it's users
  9. asperger

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    Using Information already available to slysoft, and cut text from the anydvd_log file in order to test if Microsoft media center could properly parse my handmade dvdid.xml file.

    Two elements from anydvd_log were used to create the .xml file, the first is the label value, and the second being the DiscID.

    Example from shrek the third:

    DiscID 2191916945790297673 0x1e6b40d952fd6649

    I created an xml file named SHREK_THE_THIRD.dvdid.xml that contained the following text:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    I then saved the file in the subdirectory that contained the video_ts folder ( in this case, SHREK_THE_THIRD ) created during the 'rip video to harddisk' function of anydvd. Upon lanching windows media center, the synopsis for the film was immediately available, but the picture ( thumbnail ) was not available until i closed windows media center and launched it again (this seems normal for windows media center).

    I would greatly appreciate if Slysoft's AnyDVD could create the xml file for me, ( as a user selectable option of course in settings ). Thanks so much for a great application!
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  10. rezdog

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    I'd like to see this feature built into AnyDVD as well.