Two BR-rip questions

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    Hi all. Now to business...

    1) If I get a BR that comes on a 50GB disc, and then strip it of all content EXCEPT the main movie and the primary audio, is it possible that the end result might then fit onto a 25GB disc? Take "300" for example. This is a good movie for this question.

    2) Say I encode a BR that was in MPEG2 video format into a H264 (AVC?) file. Assuming I turn on all the best quality options (assume I use Megui), will the resulting file look better than the original BR itself?

    (and btw, if there is a better tool out there than megui, let me know. just be sure a quad-core, 8-gigs-ram, 64-bit vista machine can run it fast!)

    I'm looking to burn a whole lot of DVDs and BRs in the near future. I'll burn them to disc at first. But if a PC reads from a HDD faster than an optical disc, then I might go for that...

    ...assuming I can store the files on X amount of TB HDDs. *foresees that a lot of them will be needed* Too bad that SSDs are too small in space and expensive atm!
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    1) yes, check the following threads:

    2) no