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    It's been a while since I've run into this issue. Trying to rip the data files to my HD... and there's no actual video title that I can find (see the image). I've tried both CloneDVD2 and handbreak and all I'm getting is the previews and warnings and crap, but no main title with the expected 1.5-2 hour duration.

    If I watch the movie in my dvd player it works, however if I try to watch it in my computer, all I get are the previews/warnings. When I do eventually get to the main menu, where I can choose to watch the movie or go to the scene menu, watching the movie just loops through the previews and then takes me back to the main menu. If I try to select a scene, the application (Windows Media Player) freezes.

    I'm not running the latest version of Anydvd, but given how old this movie is (2008) and that I have updated my AnyDVD in the last while... I would be surprised if that was the issue.

    Any assistance would be great, thanks!


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    Just for giggle right click the red fox in the tray and rip it to folder - not ISO.
    Then try importing that rip into CloneDVD.
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    That's what what I'm trying to do (rip it to a folder). That's basically all I do these days. Then I use Handbreak to get it into a mp4 file. I even tried directly copying the files through Windows Explorer onto my desktop and then using Handbreak to look at them... same issue. Just the extra's, no main title.

    @DrinkLyeAndDie, I can't upgrade Anydvd at this point, as I'm not running windows 10. I have the lifetime upgrade license, but haven't made the switch from Win7 to Win10. There's a way to supposedly get around that, but I haven't spent much time looking at it or dealing with it, as everything I've been ripping lately has been older movies. I was actually running 7.x from a couple of years ago until ~6 weeks ago when I ran into an issue with a movie.
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    You never exactly said you tried a rip using ONLY AnyDVD.
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    Sorry, I misunderstood. No, I've only tried using CloneDVD2. I've never (and I mean never in the 12+ years I've been ripping DVDs) tried ripping something straight from AnyDVD.
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    Huh? Who said you have to be running Windows 10 to upgrade to the latest version?