TweakTown Interview CL and mentioned about AnyDVD HD...

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  1. hlkc

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    CL Marketing VP interview by Tweaktown here and talking about AnyDVD HD.

    TweakTown - What is CyberLink’s opinion of AnyDVD HD, which works in conjunction with PowerDVD to strip certain DRM and remove HDCP?

    CyberLink - This is not true. AnyDVD HD does not work in conjunction with PowerDVD. A user can strip certain DRM by simply using AnyDVD HD (even without installing any CyberLink software on their system). We do not comment on other companies products.
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  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    11th April 2008, 14:24 ;)
  3. hlkc

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    Oops I guess I am just a month late... ;)
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    PowerDVD is a waste of money without AnyDVD HD and i'm sure most people that use PowerDVD to watch protected high definition probably own a copy of AnyDVD HD. They better NOT have anything negative to say about it.
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    Yup, I just simply can't think of anyone using PDVD today in their HTPC without AnyDVD HD installed.