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  1. 5150

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    In my HORRIBLE quest to acquire unlimited usage rights to that of which I've legally PURCHASED, I am now considering purchasing Tunebite to remove the DRM from my mp3 files that I download from Zune.

    I know this is off-topic, but I chose to post it here for two reasons: (1) the Tunebite page and forum sucks-they provide only vague information, and (2) I need to know before I buy this if there is any kind of known software conflict with Anydvd.

    I don't like 192kps WMA DRM protected format, I like my 128kps mp3 format. Can anyone tell me how well this program does or does not work? More importantly, can anyone tell me if this program poses any kind of software conflict with Anydvd? I've never had a problem with Anydvd yet (knock on wood or my head-same difference) and I'd like to keep it that way.

    Thanks in advance for any replies, and, as always, thanks to Slysoft and the forum members for such a great product and support!.:agree:
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    tunebite works fine with anydvd ... i've never had a conflict with both programs :D
  3. pseudo555

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    Me too.

    But when i tried it, it convert a protected movie to an unprotected movie, whitout changing the codec used. So you will probably convert your new wma unprotected to mp3 ;)
  4. 5150

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    Thanks for the replies. Can anyone tell me how Tunebite's license works? Is it like Anydvd whereas you buy it once and receive the new versions for life? Or is the license good for only the version purchased?

  5. cotrik2001

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    Free option

    I've been very happy using the FREE BonkEnc Audio Encoder http://www.bonkenc.org/. It converts tracks I've gotten from iTunes fine.
  6. Anuanka

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    Hmm... I have a huge video and audio iTunes collection files. I tried a trial version of MelodyCan and was pleasantly surprised of it`s conversion speed :clap: So I decided to buy this program. I put half of my audio files to this converter and a few hours later i could listen these files in good quality of sound :)

    At this moment as for me there are no better converter. :agree:
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    Hey everyone, I just want to say "thank you" for all the replies. I ended up buying Tunebite last week and so far it works great for its intensive purpose. I never heard of all these other programs that everyone has recommended, but I may very well try some of them. I like to have more than one option when it comes to these things because we all know how any kind of copy protection is--constantly evolving.

    Honestly, I would like to see Slysoft come out with a similar program. Given the reputation of Anydvd, I would assume it would sell like crazy. If James and Co. are able to do what they already do with movies, it's gotta be easier to do it with DRM protected WMA's. That's just an opinion though. I'm in the network security/forensics field--not programming. None-the-less, I would love to see Slysoft create such a program.

    Thank you all again!!:bowdown: