Trying to figure out if my external pc bluray drive will work with region code removal from AnyDVD H

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    Hi so I've had AnyDVD HD and Clone Bluray for awhile now but I've only ever used blurays from my own region USA. Recently i've been wanting to get an anime that is sold out the in the USA and is available in the UK. It is a region B bluray though. I know AnyDVD HD can remove region coding but my question is do I need a special external pc Bluray reader and writer for AnyDVD HD to do that as the one I currently have I bought in the USA? Because of that i'm not sure if the one I currently have will work to initially remove the region coding before I make a copy of that to a new bluray so I can use it in my tv bluray player. My current external bluray reader writer is an ASUS brand Model BW-12D1S-U. Basically does it matter what region the bluray external computer bluray drive is for the software to remove the region code of a movie that's region code maybe different from where the drive was purchased? Or are pc bluray drives even region coded to begin with?

    Also as a side question is the only way to remove the region coding by making an ISO 1 for 1 copy or can you pick and choose if you want all the extras while still removing the region coding?

    Thanks so much for your time!!! I really appreciate any help given!!!!! I wish you all a wonderful day!!!
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    To be short, anydvd doesn't care if it's internal or external drive when it comes to drive regions. ALL drives (except matSHITa drives, and maybe some slim laptop drives) comes with region set at 0 (aka unset). There is no such thing as a drive hardware region for BLU-RAY, BD regions are stored ON THE DISC and not the drive. Drive region only comes into play for DVD's and DVD's ONLY. Where you bought it is also irrelevant (you could have bought it on the moon, if they were being sold there ;)).

    The only thing that matters when it comes to blu-ray disc region removal tool, is that you tell anydvd the region of the DISC, NOT your region! So since you say you're in the US (meaning region A), and you'll be importing region B coded anime, you enable anydvd's region removal for BD's and set it either one of the following:

    - ALWAYS ASK (which will, as the name suggests, ALWAYS ask you for the BD's disc region, in order to remove it)
    - Region B (each time you insert a region B disc, and region B only!), disable region removal or set it back to region A after you're done.

    Specifying the WRONG region during the region removal process, WILL render the rip unplayable. You could try automatic, but that one doesn't always work, since region is stored inside the disc's java code and is hard to find "on the fly"
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    If you remove the BD region-code correctly, there is no lack in BD-disc features. It's just, when you rip a BD with wrong region code setting in AnyDVD,which the disc doesn't have, then playback software like PowerDVD, which supports BD extras like BD-disc menus, it will have playback issues, that the copy won't play. (other playback software doesn't care of BD-region code, also no matter if falsely removed (see quotes below),playback will be no issue (except those doesn't support BD-disc menus)

    Afaik you can copy BD-disc with removing all other protections, but leaving disc-region code on the copy, eg. when being unsure about if BD-disc was region free or region coded and how. So later when wanting, you can recopy from old image to new image removing region-code additionally.
    I never tried this, but this should be possible. Never read about any warnings not to do so.

    (An 1:1 copy just refers to all raw data (encryption, restricting data). The effective actual usuable data to watch the movie and all BD extra features, is still also in the decrypted copy whether region code removed or not removed, no matter when AACS encryption is already remvoed). Addionally you can mark checkbox "Disable/remove BD-Live in AnyDVD Blu-ray section. BD-Live afaik is mainly a spy code, when taking disc into BD-standalone player+its software and watching via TV,
    that if took a burnt BD with e.g. protection removed, and that is connected via internet, e.g. needed if you didn't decrypt those discs, and the player needs to download new AACS key, that aside a "feature" like BD-Live could report that via BD-standalone player via internet. So afaik BD-Live is mainly not useful, maybe also to show some extra advertising data of disc movie info, you also find in the internet looking yourself.:)

    You could also always make a mostof 1:1 ISO-copy, by keeping all protections (raw-copy) with AnyDVD "Any DVD rip to image ->Keep protection setting)
    (This leaves also the original region code of course.)
    Principially this is the same as copying BD-disc rawly to image with "dd" or "ddrescue" in Linux.
    Special case when BD-disc uses bus-encryption, and when using "dd" or "ddrescue" to get a mostof 1:1 disc copy you'll need makemkv in background, to remove bus-encryption discs, (as AnyDVD doesn't run in Linux).
    In Windows, AnyDVD will remove bus-encryption, to get a usable and mostof 1:1 raw-copy, (Keep protection setting)
    (The only thing AnyDVD "Keep-protection" setting doesn't keep is bus-encryption, as otherwise staying that double-encryption on top afaik would make copy fully unusable).
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