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Trying to Extract Main Movie-Help!


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Feb 18, 2007
I have been researching this and trying to figure it out and I know some of you here have been able to do it, but once I rip a blu ray movie to my hard drive, how do I go about just putting the "essentials" on a BD-R so it fits the 25gb limit? I am able to use Nero to copy a disc that is under 25gb, but what precisely do I need to do in order get my main movie to play on my PS3 with a BD-R? I have read and reread the posts regarding this, and apparently I am missing something. This is what I have tried:

1) Ripped Superman Returns to Hard Drive
2) Opened up Nero Burning ROM and added the main movie and larger flies to the project
3) Set the UDF to 2.5
4) Disc burn successfully
5) Insert the disc into the PS3 and it sees it as a Data Disc
6) PS3 states that the main movie "file is corrupted"
7) The smaller files play perfectly