Trusted Computing?


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Jan 28, 2007
I would like to hear some of your opinions on the so-called "Trusted Computing" technologies that hardware and software developers are going to be integrating into future PCs and media. I myself am more and more disgusted with everything I hear. It's like we won't even be in control of our PC anymore.
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I'm of the opinion that so long as sorftware and firmware exist, someone will hack it to make it behave exactly the way a market wants it to behave.

Slysoft here is the perfect example... every time the DVD makers "build a better mousetrap" - Slysoft comes right behind them and builds a better mouse.

The game is - and always has been - afoot!

gotta love those meeces to pieces....

trusted computing? whos trust? I dont trust them cause all they care about is money.
I've heard it referred to as "treacherous computing" by those who oppose it, and that sounds about right to me.

Basically, the big-wig software companies along with the MPAA are taking advantage of this new technology because they don't trust you. Yea, that's right. They don't trust you to make the right decision so they want to make it for you.

This idea started with good intentions. It was supposed to make it harder for malware to install on your PC and suchlike. We were supposed to be able to decide what we wanted to run on our PCs and when. Now it's DRM at it's worst.