TrueHD encoding errors on Twin Peaks

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by flat_earth7, Mar 18, 2018.

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    Hi folks -
    First off thanks for all the help.

    Been trying to encode last season of twin peaks but audio is always garbled/shortened regardless of using mp4 or mkv UNLESS I pass it through untouched - then it plays fine. At first I thought I had cinavia removal activated, but it is not checked. Any suggestions would be great... Log file attached

    EDIT: Forgot to mention one thing - CloneBD does a weird pause while starting the encode - it goes to 15 fps, then to 0 for a minute, then proceeds to do the encode which results in garbled audio.

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  2. Fabian

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    The title has a very strange looking AC-3 audio stream which was identified with a 96.000 Hz sampling rate. This seems odd.

    We will investigate this.
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  3. flat_earth7

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    Thank you! I really appreciate it...
  4. Pete

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    Is this fixed with
  5. flat_earth7

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    I will install it this evening and give it a shot on the first episode when I get home from work - thanks for the heads up about a new version... will report back in case others are encountering the same...
  6. flat_earth7

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    Installed both and anydvd hd - it's still producing the same type of error on encoded files. I've attached a new log after this recent encode.

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  7. Ahuacamolli

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    It's the same for me. As I was using a friend's copy of the Blu-ray set and didn't have much time, I ended up using AnyDVD to create an ISO for each disk. I then used MakeMKV to successfully create files from the ISO files for each of the individual episodes.

    The MediaInfo for the S03E03 is attached with the hope that it might help resolve the issue with CloneBD.

    FWIW - The Twin Peaks Blu-ray discs are the first that I've encountered problems with while using BDClone.

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  8. Getthebuzz

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    Was this resolved? I am ripping my copy and get no audio at all.