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  1. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    Is there any way of telling if you are playing true hd or dts master audio through your amp via analogue useing an 8600gts hooked up to an onkyo 605 amp,all that shows up on the amp is dvd multi channel,i have set powerdvd to 7.1 channel out.anydvd:rock:s
  2. kdssrugby

    kdssrugby Well-Known Member

    As long as you are using analogue, your Onkyo will never say TrueHD or DTS MA. You are converting the digital signal to analogue so it is no longer encoded into one of those codecs. Also, powerdvd downconverts the signal (it will still be better than regular dolby or DTS, just not as good as would be on a HD-dvd/ blu ray player that supports it).

    The only way you could get those formats would be to bitstream it over HDMI (its the only cable that can transmit that amount of data). You cannot use a video card with HDMI since it takes the sound via the computer similar to s/pdif which doesn t have the capacity or HDCP capability of transporting those codecs.

    Your best bet would be to wait for Auzentechs new HDMI extension board which is supposed to enable the play back of hi-def audio formats. But even if you get this (and the auzentech x-fi prelude needed to use the extension card) powerdvd won t support the hi-def audio until powerdvd 8, and only on the ultra version, not the deluxe or standard versions. Hope that helps.
  3. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    cheers,so powerdvd only use logos to sell their programmes,so whats new i suppose:bang:
  4. kdssrugby

    kdssrugby Well-Known Member

    Yes and no. What they're saying is that it can decode them, if it couldn t you would get no sound whatsoever. So Powerdvd decodes the Hi-def audio and down converts it. So yes it supports it, but at the same time it doesn t. Pain in the @$$ eh?
  5. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    that sucks. are you sure about that? I noticed a big improvement in audio. Every film is much better. I'm using an Echo Mona soundcard with 6 analog channel outs I use as a 5.1
  6. kdssrugby

    kdssrugby Well-Known Member

    Hey datman, to clarify:
    HD audio is generally at 24bit 192mhz, though some are encoded at 16 bit for various reasons. What happens is that this is down converted to 16bit 96mhz signal. This is vastly superior to standard DTS and Dolby, so you will hear quite a difference, but it will fall short of what it is possible of sounding like.

    Its like a Ferrari with a restrictor plate on the engine vs a mustang. The Ferrari will still win, but once you take the restrictor plate off it really flys.
  7. frg

    frg Guest

    Actually, the most used combinations are:
    48MHz/16bit for PCM.
    48MHz/20bit sometimes for Dolby True HD.
    48MHz/24bit for Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio and sometimes PCM.

    96MHz/24bit is rarely used, usually for musical soundtrack (live performances, concerts and so).

    192MHz/24bit has, to my knowledge, not been used yet on any title.
    It would take a huge amount of disc space, even under a compressed form.

    Incorrect: these signals are downconverted to 48MHz/16bit, because the path for HD audio in a PC, is not considered secured enough for the time being.

    This limitation should be removed in the future, read on the subjet this very informative article:

    Rather well put!:clap:
  8. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    Looks like anyone with a pc based intertainment center is being p****d on again by the same companies that want us to spend our cash on their programmes(microsoft,powerdvd etc)vista can only read 24 bit color so there will never be a graphic card with HDMI 1.3 because its 32bit,where do we go from here?s**t.:bang:
  9. frg

    frg Guest

    I would not be so negative!

    My bet is that we will see audio and video cards, that will be HDMI 1.3 compliant, only on the audio part.

    Thus permitting the output of raw HD audio to an external decoder.8)

    And regarding the video specs, I doubt very much that there will ever be Blu-ray encoded in 12bit, as it would use wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much space on the disc.;)

    I'm not even talking of the other obvious problem : players should then
    be able to read these discs.
    That would mean a new generation.
    And what about old players?
    And so and so...

    Believe me, when I say that Deep Colour is nothing else than a marketing gimmick, without any real substance.

    At least until the next format...:rolleyes:
  10. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    hope your right:rock:
  11. DigiMagic

    DigiMagic Well-Known Member

    Does WinDVD 9 - Blu...HD do same downsampling to 48/16?
  12. frg

    frg Guest

    From what I read here and there, yes.

    Same cause (security), with the same effects!
  13. kdssrugby

    kdssrugby Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the correction frg, I knew there was something wrong with my info, I never was good with numbers though. I m glad you liked my analogy.
  14. indy911

    indy911 New Member

    kHz. Not MHz.
  15. frg

    frg Guest

    Quite right!
    I wasn't completely awake when I wrote that this morning...:D
  16. ashlar

    ashlar Well-Known Member

    According to the bit-tech article that was previously linked, I think that AnyDVD HD users should probably soon be able to overcome this limitation.
    Won't this mean that, once they rectify this, we will be able to get the pure sound from the discs with analogue out (as AnyDVD HD delivers us from the AACS evil)?
  17. kdssrugby

    kdssrugby Well-Known Member

    Yes we'll get the full sound via analogue, but your reciever won t say TrueHD or DTS MA
  18. Datus

    Datus Well-Known Member

    Like everything dont make no difference if you got super true hd DTS or what ever if you dont have the equipment to hear it on.

    I think people concentrate on wrong things sometimes.

    I use analog (as I dont have an hdmi processor nor want one) and got a super boost to sound quality when i upgraded my cables from the xi-fi card.

    could have bought 2 (almost 3) blue ray players with the cost of them alone.
  19. DigiMagic

    DigiMagic Well-Known Member

    I am looking forward to that :agree:
  20. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    so if I'm using the 5.1 analog output I get the full sound it's only if I were using the digital out that the sound gets down sampled. That's what I thought the situation was.