True-hd and dts-hd.

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  1. peterbus

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    Having read a lot of the threads,a lot of people are outputting these new sound formats to their amps/recievers.
    Im running the latest pvd (for disc) and total media (for hdd playback).
    NVIDIA 8600GTS graphics card (dvi output) to an ONKYO 605 reciever,my question is HOW?.dO I have to change my graphics card to one with HDMI,can any one help.thanks.
  2. Nitrogen

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    I'm running the same Vidcard. I think everyone is running the audio out from htpc to ext. inputs on their amps. Set Pdvd to decode the audio to 6 channel. Then you need adapter cables that go from rca stereo to mini plugs.
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    Hey Pete, this thread should have answers to all your questions in it.

    But heres a quick answer for you. No you do not need a HDMI video card, (I m assuming you would want to use that to transport the audio). I do not believe that Nvidia HDMI cards can transport audio via HDMI, but I know ATI's 2xxx series can, but it will only give you 2ch TrueHD.
    Also, since there is no HDCP for audio yet (since there is no HDMI fir it yet) then Powerdvd (and I think maybe Total media) downconverts the audio. This will likely be fixed in a patch once a secure method is developed to transport the lossless audio. The most likely product that will allow this is Auzentech's HDMI extension board for its x-fi sound card. It is supposed to come out this year, though there is no firm date. For the time being, analog out is your best option. If you have a x-fi card buy this cable:

    and hook it up to the onkyo. This will give you the closest thing to HD audio for now. Sorry for being so long winded.
  4. peterbus

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    thanks for the help,do i set pdvd to 6.1 speakers to suit the analogue outputs or 7.1 to suit my setup,i appreciate the help.