Trouble with Femme Fatale


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Mar 6, 2007
I tried two different DVDs and had exactly the same problem with both. About half way through CRC errors. I was able to get something with AnyDVD and DVDFabDecrypter but the trouble area is mostly halts and large pixels - basically unwatchable. Anyone know how to get around this because it must be a copy protection scheme of some kind.
No it's not copy protection. Most likely you are using crappy backup media that "pixellates" when your player tries to read it. Or you burned the media at too fast a speed. Or the firmware for your burner needs to be updated.

What is the make, model and firmware version of your burner?

What is the brand, the type (+R/-R) and the rated speed of the media are you using? Rated speed should be written on the retail packaging.

What speed have you set your copying software to burn your media at?

NEC ND-3550A is the burner; don't know what the firmware is (how do you get that?) but it is recently purchased drive (last 2 months). It is set to Region 1.

I was using TDK DVD+R for blanks and I never have a problem burning them at 16X on several different burners. Besides it took over 2 hours just to rip Chapter 12 to the hard drive. And Iget the same pixelation when playing it back off the hard drive.
Although the problem doesn't seem to be burning with what you've said in your last post, have a look and implement at the Golden Rules of Burning.

Does the problem occur when watching it on the TV? Or in another drive? Have you tried cleaning the discs?
the original discs were pretty worn and scratched but nothing that looked particularly bad and they played on a dvd player ok; it was just the PC dvd drives that had problems reading them. I could not clean or repair them because they weren't mine to mess up if it went wrong.

This has got me bugged so I have located a used dvd that I am buying to experiment and figure this out.

I bought a second hand copy of Femme Fatale and it much less scratched than the other two I was loaned although it was far from perfect but I was able to rip it to a hard drive just about any way I tried so I guess my original CRC error problems was with discs. Damned odd though that it failed virtually in the same place Chapter 12 through 13 and into 14.

Mystery solved I guess but thanks for the feedback. Bob