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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by TwiztidxxNinja, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, I have a really weird things thats going on lately. More than half the time when I make a back up of my movie, it either plays part of the movie and skips (gets pixelly, will have more than one scene in a frame, pause then jump further ahead in the movie.) Or it just doesn't play. Mostly the 1st one. I use VSO inspector to inspect each disc after burning, (ver. It doesn't seem to matter if I reboot my computer, turn off all running programs, nothing seems to help. I am using AnyDVD and CloneDVD I am using a HP DVD-R 4.7GB 16x disc. I was burning the disc and "maximum" but I changed it down to 4x and still have the problem. Recently I have been thrying to burn I Am Legend and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Both I have burned 4 times with all the same problems. I have inspected the original discs with VSO inspector also. I think thats about all I can think of. Thank you for your help and sorry for writing a book.
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  3. I went thru all those steps just to be sure. Still nothing is better. If it matters it doesn't seem top have a problem when I burn a all ready shrunk disc.
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    Don't. No expert here recommends HP.

    Who said to burn at max or at 4x?
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    No. You didn't.
  6. Thanks, thats a lot of help.... glad I came to the forum, now it works great with all the help you gave me.

    1. My firmware hasn't been updated in 1.5 years for either one of my drives.
    2. Not going to run out and spend more money on another disc that was working just fine.
    3. Lowered burn speed as said in first post, also tried 8x and 12x today since your help said to.
    4. Using a -R, but did download the Nero program and Imgburn, just to double check.
    5. Never have put stickers on them, I don't even write on them.
    6. Put at 4300 as recommended, but still no change.
    7. I didn't scan it with the Nero program I used VSO Inspector as stated in first post.

    So.... Thanks for your wonderful advise and your post full of helpful hints, glad people like you are around to help all of us other computer newbies with our problems.
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    Here's the deal. When people ask you to try some things to resolve an issue it's beneficial to not only do them but also say what you did and the outcome. Now you posted this information. It could have been useful sooner.

    Try to view this from my end. It's hard to help people with a limited amount of information to go on. The more you tell us the more we have to work with. You are not a computer expert from what you said and we are not mind readers. We have to meet in the middle when we can. When advice is offered including trying another brand of media then it is freely offered. You aren't required to do what we suggest but we also can't fix every problem if people don't help us to try to narrow down the possible causes of a problem.

    Burning at 4x really isn't necessary with 16x media. I'd recommend 8x which you say is causing problems, as well. You can't do anything about your firmware because from how I interpreted what you said there is no newer update. Your problem truly does sound like a possible issue with the media you are using or maybe even the drive. Drives do die.
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    For someone asking for help, you have a serious attitude problem, especially coming from someone who hasn't even posted an Anydvd log .zip file. And this is my last reply in this thread, unless it's to respond for moderation purposes.

    Considering manufacturers can change dye formulas slightly over time, that's not good. Now, it's not my job to look for firmware updates for you, but if they exist--it's definitely your job to update when you run into problems.

    Poor quality blank media can differ in quality from disc to disc even within the same spindle. So telling me that the junk that you've used before worked is fairly meaningless.

    So chances are the disc plays fine on the drive you tested on. Fine. That still doesn't imply the disc can be read on all drives. The problem is the disc wasn't tested in your standalone dvd player. All that test does is indicate whether the specific drive you tested in can read the disc.

    Consequently, the problem is then your dvd player is either slowly dying; it doesn't like your choice of blank media (which is understandable, considering what you're using); or your burner is slowly dying.

    "While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters."

    "We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules, as access to our support forums is a privilege and not a right. A banned customer is still entitled to support from the support system."

    Consider this a warning. :policeman:
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    Insanity - Doing the same things over and over but expecting different results.:)
  10. I understand that you can't fix every problem and its not like you can sit down at my computer and run thru things. I don't understand how this can be a media issue when I buy in hundred packs and only the last 20 started doing this and now the new hundred pack is still doing it. I will upgrade to a better media when these discs are gone. I know drive die, but I'm surprised they would. I was hoping to have it not be something that serious.

    I figured that since this is over many discs it wouldn't help. Also, is this from AnyDVD or when DVDClone is working?

    No the VSO Inspector does read the disc with a bad file and does not play well in the the stand alone player when played like in the first post.

    Does calling me a liar qualify as a "personal attack"?

    So very very true
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    from Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE YOU POST)

    14. Hey, you're wrong! I've been using this so-called "junk" blank media forever, and it's always worked fine. But suddenly these same discs from the same spindle don't work. I can even use some of this cheap blank media with other programs. Nothing has changed except Clonedvd or Anydvd. So you don't know what you're talking about!


    Bad quality blank media can vary in results from disc to disc, even within the same spindle. With good blank media you can play "find the bad blank" game. With inferior quality blank media you get to play "find the blank that works" game. And even when inferior blank media does work, you can play the "will my backups still play after 6 months (or even after two years)" game.

    Use good quality blank media (Taiyo Yuden Premium, Verbatim, Maxell Plus, Maxell Broadcast Quality). Avoid Ritek, Memorex, Regular Maxell blank media that you can find in most stores that are not made in Japan, Fuji, TDK from Costco, and Princo. Also, on average, it's wise to avoid blank media that's made in China or Hong Kong.

    If you're using double layer blank media, use Verbatim +R DL (preferably made in Singapore) or MAM-A 8x +R DL.

    Then that's your problem--not ours

    All drives die over time.

    If you know drives die, then why be surprised?

    Your problem has nothing to with Anydvd

    If your scan is showing read errors, then you've produced a bad burn. If the scan doesn't produce read errors, then the disc can be read in the drive that you're doing the testing on; a good scan does not indicate, however, that the disc will play in any given standalone player. The reflective layer used in blank media plays a significant role in playback compatibility, and the reflective layers do differ depending on the disc manufacturer and type of blank used.

    Not when it's the truth. You've admitted to not using recommended blank media; you didn't go" thru all those steps". "[Going] thru all those steps" is not the same thing as passing over them. I told you the truth. You didn't go "thru all those steps". Next time do so before wasting our time.

    And you still haven't posted an Anydvd log .zip file for some unknown reason. You'll note it's one of the basic requirements that's requested from Have problems? Then PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS before posting!!!! Thank you

    I've got little patience for your obnoxious behavior here. You were warned; apparently you prefer arguing with me. You've been banned for 7 days. :policeman:
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