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    I have had my emachines model T6524 computer for more than a year now. I occasionally record things on tv and while I can copy from tape to DVD with the vcr DVD recorder combo I have (or in from the self recorded DVDs from the home theater into the recorder combo but that takes too long) I am having trouble with the clonedvd software I bought. It appeared to work great on the trial, but since I have paid for it it has only successfully copied a handful of DVDs that I have originally put on DVD off VHS tapes, unlike most of the others on here that I took a few minutes to read through I'm not trying to copy every movie I have. I am using Office Depot brand blank DVD-R discs with 8 speed, and my DVD drive is as follows and yes I can burn other stuff to DVD (pictures & other files).


    It appears to be a Microsoft driver last updated 7/1/2001 so I'm trying to figure out where I would find the firmware update. I just tried to burn the same thing twice and it rejected it both times. I do have Nero installed and was trying to find the Incd but have been trouble finding it, I can't even get that to burn it either. I burned 5 DVDs out of the same stack I'm still trying to use back to back successfully just last week with clonedvd then it rejected the dvds again, so I don't know what is going on.

    I use Windows XP Home service pack 2, I believe I've had my computer since 2005. I had the full Nero program installed while I've been using CloneDVD so I don't know why it would work 5 times flawlessly and then stop working. I have been writing at 6x and it worked those few times, other times it spits it back out at me and says bad media.
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    Thanks a lot I'll update it and see if it works again.
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    Incd can interfere with Clonedvd on some systems. And bad quality media is also going to give you problems. I would take a look at the first two things I listed before updating firmware (since those are the most likely culprits).
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    I'm pretty sure I removed Nero all the way, I didn't use it a whole lot anyway and I have windows media player to be able to make cds. I can't seem to update the firmware or anything, I feel stuck. Maybe I will try to reinstall clonedvd and see if that helps.
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    Before you start...
    You need the following items to proceed the firmware upgrade procedure.

    * Data compression utility (for example, WinZIP or WinRAR)


    Firmware Upgrade Program Run Under Windows

    1. Make sure your drive's model name by inspecting the safety label on top of your drive.
    2. Download the ZIP file with correct model name.
    3. Please unzip the downloaded ZIP file.
    4. Please close all applications under Windows.
    5. Please make sure to keep power supplier without any interruption during upgrade.
    6. Execute the firmware upgrade execution file.
    7. Select the drive you want to upgrade (if you have more than one LITE-ON drives).
    8. Upgrading (No power interruption).
    9. Reboot your PC to see if the firmware has been changed.
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    This is the error I get when I try to write the vob files on the DVD writer with the existing files. It burned 5 DVDs hassle free after I bought it out of the stack I'm still trying to get it to work with.

    WriteDVD 10 11 W2
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    Biggest issue is using good quality blank media. I provided you with some links.
    A firmware update may help, but using good quality blank media is your biggest issue.
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    Well we found a deal a few weeks ago at Office Depot, a 100 pack total (75 blank DVDs and 25 CDs) all -R for $10. It seemed to take 5 of them and burn what I wanted on them then it started spitting them back out at me. I can do the longer recording thing I mentioned but it takes the 4 to 6 hours per disc to do it that way (quite inconvenient) when I can get a complete copy in 30 minutes with clonedvd. I save the files to the computer with DVD shrink, I only have a single DVD & CD writer drive but I have a spare CD drive (the way it was out of the box from the store) with a bunch of memory card inputs. I'll see if I can find a few of the better discs at a decent price, I haven't exactly had a job in months so $ is hard to come by.

    Looks like I'll be going to Walmart for these, I'm just gonna have to pay attention to the Open & Lock on it.
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    That only really applies to Verbatim +R blank media not -R . . .
    So, if you want, get +R instead (since you know what to look for) and ensure you change the booktype to "dvd-rom":

    Unfortunately, when you use bad blank media, you'll get poor results.

    Read everything here, including the general guidelines: click
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    +R will NOT work with my DVD recorder or home theater, everything I have is -R and -R blanks are what I have, guess I'll just have to make coasters or use them with the recorder. I may order some DVDs, I just wanted to know which ones you recommend from this site, they have a pack with just enough of what I need for $6. I went to 2 different stores today (Walmart & Office Depot) and was highly disappointed they did not have them at least in the format I need. I just put a good # of DVDs from what's left of the current stack through and it refused every single one of them.

    Verbatim DVDs
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    They may not work on your standalone dvd recorder, but if you change the booktype on them to dvd-rom, I suspect they would work on your standalone dvd player. They will definitely work in your burner.

    The archival stuff is excellent, but pricey.

    Dvd-rs in spindles will be less expensive due to not having to pay for the jewel cases.
    There is a known issue with some of the Verbatim dvd-r MAP6 serials (not all of them, a small number in fact), so I tend to avoid MAP6 Verbatim dvd-rs. That said, if you buy some and they turn out to be bad discs (typically the issue is you can't burn to them), you can return them to Verbatim, and Verbatim will likely replace them and add a couple of extra for your time (Verbatim has very good customer support).

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