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    I'm using the trial version of CloneDVD Mobile and all the DVD I've ripped have transparent subtitles, that is the outline of the font is black while the inside is transparent. They're also the wrong color (more of a white color, when they should be yellow) and they're also a little blocky too. This makes them difficult to read, how can I fix this?
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    I have exactly the same problem: films ripped to a Generic DivX file result in unreadable half-transparent subtitles.
    I first thought deinterlacing or not could end up to different results but the problem remains whatever you do! (Ò_Ó)

    I use CloneDVDMobile

    Help anyone??!
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    I have the same problem with the .avi files from the sex+the city R2 4th season dvd box set.I had to use good ol' iriverter to make the subtitles visible for my Archos.These are the only dvds i had this problem though.Subtitles look fine on .avi files ripped from my other box sets including X-Files,CSI,Lost,Roswell,The Shield,Millennium,Alias,Supernatural and a couple others,only SATC had this prob.

    i use version
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