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Jan 28, 2007
Gday all
Bought a JasJam a while ago, some might know it as a HTC, Hermes or similar, anyhoo like a lot of similar devices they utilise a mini SD card setup. I recently bought a 2g transflash mini SD card for my phone and holy crap, 2 gigs on something much smaller than my little finger nail??.. Just imagine soon it will be around 10g on the same card. This is great of course for compressed movies, dont need a zune or ipod so much when you can fit so many compressed movies on a phone with a screen the size of a zune anyway. If, like me, you want some video on your phone that you have not seen or would like to watch again sometime when you are bored on a bus or goofing off at work (I mean your phone is always with you right?)..then get a device like the JasJam, get a couple of gigs of memory and I have found it to be a very simple matter using Slysoft gear to shrink it all down, at the moment for instance I have 4 movies on my phone I have never seen before that are just waiting for an opportunity to watch.

I have a archos player but now that i'm retired i just watch movies on
Hi, I have the cingular 8525 ( same as the tytan) minus the front camera. If you dont mind me asking, how do you fit 4 full movies on a 2 gig card? I use the clonedvd and Tcpmp on my phone and cant get more thean maybe almost two movies? Thanks
but you were able to get a movie to play on the device? i have the cingular 8525 version and have loved using SlySoft products up until now!!! its frustrating - AnyDVD and ConeDVD2 work great and CloneDVDMobile works great with my 80 gig ipod but i cant get it to work with this!!! how did you do it?
I think i missed something. You cant get what to work? The movies on your memory card?