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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Clarity3, Sep 26, 2019.

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    Not an issue more a question.
    I have typically transcoded blu rays with the video setting on Avg. speed/quality where the time for an example title takes 9mins 36secs to complete with hardware acceleration via a Nvidia 1060T (fps 290-300).

    Out of interest I tried the 'Highest Quality' setting as I wanted to see the difference in display quality. I was surprised to see the transcoding time was 9mins 50secs again with hardware acceleration (fps 285-290).

    I had expected a much slower process to get am improvement in video quality. Is this as expected?
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    Since it's more a question, i'll move it to the parent forum section.

    Slightly longer time isn't abnormal, after all you are aiming for better quality. That said, the actual time really depends on the video. (Bitrate used, bitrate overhead, amount of audio/subtitle tracks, are you transcoding, resizing,...)

    For example, my 1080A on "Detective Pikachu" doing a full disc copy from BD50, 41.50GB) to BD25 hits 500FPS completes in just over 12min, best quality hits around 380FPS and does the job in around 14min's.
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    Quality settings have a different effect depending on the GPU used.
    The nVidia card offers only two levels (high speed or high quality), so the medium setting from CloneBD is apparently mapped to high speed as well.
    Intel transcoding uses all three settings, as does software transcoding and I believe AMD as well.
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    That makes it more interesting if I understand your explanation correctly.

    As the CloneBD setting Avg. speed/quality is the nVidia 'medium setting' and that is interpreted as high speed, then with CloneBD set to Highest quality would that not be the nVidia 'high quality' and thus a lower speed. The result being a longer process time?
  5. Pete

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    Sorry, I meant high quality - judging from your timing results.
    So, not really interesting at all.