Transcoding problem?

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    Machine: Win7 x64

    CloneBD version:, trial

    Situation: trying to rip only the main movie from an ISO to an ISO. So I have already used AnyDVDHD to rip a BD to ISO now I want to rip just the main movie from the ISO to ISO. Why not rip from the original disc you ask? because I have a pile of already ripped movies on my HD and wanted to test the program and ripping from an already made ISO is faster than ripping from original disc.

    Problem: so far out of 5 movies only one plays back properly. When playing the problem movies using MPC-HC x64 or my AIOS box the movies will play fine UNTIL you try to jump ahead either by the slider in the case of MPC-HC or FF on the media box. At this point the video becomes out of sync with the audio. In the case of the media box RW does not work, the movie will just sit there like it's paused. At one point my A/V receiver (Onkyo) actually shut off during playback, never had it do that before. The original ISOs plays back just fine in both the MPC-HC program and the AIOS.

    The movie I focused on was Edge of Tomorrow. As far as I know it should be a straight rip, would this be a problem with it trying to transcode the movie?

    Creating an MKV from original ISO had no problems with playback.

    I am probably missing vital information you need so please let me know what that is. Currently at $120 for a lifetime license I am a little reluctant to fork that over at this point.