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    I'm working with a couple protected iso's and getting transcoder STOP errors, Error in processStream when converting to HEVC MP4. There is no error when doing a partial disk copy and there is no error when the output is AVC MP4. It seems like just the HEVC transcode is failing.

    Content: Captain Marvel and Miss Bala

    Logs attached.

    Edit: also happens with the unprotected content.

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  2. Pete

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    Does it also happen, if you enable hw acceleration with nVidia?
    You're attempting CPU encoding and it appears, that the libx265 codec is stumbling over your 20 logical processors.
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    Geez, didn't even realize the HW encoding was off. I just had the same issue pop up with Trading Paint disk and after setting the nVidia encoding it does seem to be processing! You'd think by now those type of issues would be getting fixed. My 20 core's not in such rare company any longer.