Toshiba Gigabeat

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by sjaxon29, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Does anyone know how to make the software convert movies to the Gigabeat 60 gig media player/ Theres no listing for it.
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    Conversion to Toshiba Gigabeat Format

    After a lot of experiments, I found a way to do the conversion. It’s a two step process and you have to have a Creative Media Player, doesn’t matter which one. First, open Clone DVD Mobile, and chose the Creative Vision Format, NOT Vision W; this will convert the file to AVI format in 320X240 Resolution; stay under 800 kbps, the default 23 in good enough. When the conversion is done, open the Creative Media Explore, click on convert video, this will open a dialogue box, click add, and select the AVI file you just created for conversion, in the next dialogues box save the output file in a different location (just to have a separate location for the final product); this will automatically convert the file into WMV format that is compatible with your Gigabeat. The process is long. The Clone DVD Mobile will convert in about one third of the playing time, the Creative conversion takes about the same as playing time, so, if you have a two hours movie, expect about two hours conversion. Picture and sound qualities are good, better than any other direct conversion program out there, and I've tried few.