Tool to demuxe mkvs and export them to iso without reencoding

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  1. SD_J-I_88

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    hi is there a tool which can demuxe mkv made from uhds and join the files again to an iso, without reencoding, so that clonebd can handle them?
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    So you want to split a single video file into it's separate video and audio track and merge them in an iso. You can't do that, even with an iso file you'd still have separate audio and video tracks or at best an iso with an mkv file inside and clbd only works with valid Blu-ray structures.

    You need to something that can recode mkv into a Blu-ray structure and bd-rebuilder can do that (free), with the the proper settings it can do it lossless but your still going to have to recode to get a valid Blu-ray structure.

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  3. SD_J-I_88

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    ok i‘ll give it a try later.

    ts muxer e.g. can demuxe m2ts files. and it can build bd isos, as far as the options say. but i do not know if this works...
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    now you say m2ts files, in your first post you said mkv files. But the problem is the same

    An mkv is a VIDEO FILE ONLY container (containing 1 or more audio and video tracks) into a single file (.mkv), an ISO is a DISC container only (containing MULTIPLE SINGLE FILES, those can be data, video files, text files) and forms a valid disc structure depending on the files used.

    What you said in your initial post was that you wanted to demux an mkv file, which means splitting it into a seperate audio and video track and then "combining" them back together in an ISO. All that would do is give you an iso file with a single audio track and video track. That doesn't make it a valid blu-ray structure for CLBD to process. Your mixing up conversion from 1 container to another with converting mkv into a valid blu-ray structure.

    If you wish to turn standalone mkv/m2ts files into a valid blu-ray structure that your player can play or cloneBD can process, you'll need to convert the files with something (as said earlier) like BD-Rebuilder.
  5. SD_J-I_88

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    yes i said mkv and i meant it that way.
    the thing with m2ts was only an example.

    The BD structure contains among other, one or multiple m2ts files which are linked to a valid video (video and audio) by the mlps files.

    you can e.g. input an m2ts file into tsmuxer and it will create you an bd folder or iso.

    what i want to do is put the mkv file into clonebd, 'cause clonebd really works great for that, to delete all the unnecessary audio tracks, but clonebd does not read mkv files.
    so the first step is to convert the mkv to an bd iso without reencoding it.

    i tried to do it with tsmuxer but it aboards @ 72,1% with an "ram error"
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    And once you've converted it back to a valid disc structure, then what? Turn it into an mp4?

    Let's start by you saying what exactly you want to do. Make the mkv in a valid Blu-ray structure? Switch from mkv to mp4 or something?

    If all you want to do is convert the video file into a disc structure, then all you need is bd-rebuilder. It can import just about any mkv/mp4 into a valid disc structure (with the proper settings lossless/no encoding). But that's a discussion best suited for the bd-rebuilder home at doom9.

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  7. SD_J-I_88

    SD_J-I_88 Well-Known Member

    the endproduct should be an uhd iso only with the needed audio tracks to save space and for compatibility reasons
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    Then BD-Rebuilder is out too. UHD support is on the to-do list. I hate this is coming from me (as i don't like these folks personally), but DVDFab looks to have a product that can do just that. Turn MKV into UHD iso's Other than that, i can't offer you any feedback on any of their products (whether they can or can't do something), as i don't own any of them, and currently have no plans to do so either.
  9. chromaburst

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    Yes, just drop the MKV file into the tsMuxer GUI, select ISO as output. This will make a Blu Ray container ISO.

    DTS, DTSHD, AC3 audio is not a problem, however, there is one problem and that is with DolbyHD audio, the DolbyHD stream within an MKV file is NOT the same as a DolbyHD stream within a Blu Ray container and will not extract. You cant extract the DolbyHD audio core in this way either as you can in a Blu Ray container.

    Use toolnix to extract the MKV DolbyHD audio.
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