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    I am trying to back up American Beauty. It is pretty scratched up, and once it gets about 60% through reading it, it says that there is a data error (cyclic redundancy check). I've tried cleaning it, but it hasn't helped. Is the DVD just too scratched to copy? Is there a program that would fix it for free?

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    try and use turtle wax or even tooth paste to rub out the scratches. hope that helps.
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    tooth paste? how would I use tooth paste on it? wouldn't it make it worse?
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    Really toothpaste is just polish. Just be gentle.
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    Well, am I to just rub it on there? does it matter if I use a wet or dry rag? I just don't want to make it worse.
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    well, I tried the tooth paste, and it didn't work. I guess you can't expect much from pre-owned movies...
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    Does anyone know of a program (that is free) that can rip a movie to your hard drive and fix the skips? I've heard of a program that does it, but I cannot remember the name....

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    never least the disc will smell nice and minty:agree:
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    I don't agree with most of the advice that has been offered to you so far (no offence intended). It is a human trait to look for the easy way out i.e. trying to find a mythical, software that will magically allow your drive's deflected laser beam to read through surface damage via "drive-wearing" retries (very taxing on your drive's longevity) or by using common household products to try to hand-polish surface damage.

    Also consider that some drives are better at reading through damage than others and, generally, DVD-ROM read-only drives are optimized for (and better at) reading and ripping with speed whereas DVD-RW writing drives are optimized for writing. So some writers will read slower and actually do better at reading damage ...generally ... but no guarantees. So you could try ripping with a different drive.

    Professional disk resurfacing machines are too expensive but you could pay for the service. Weigh the cost of having the disk resurfaced against the cost of buying a new copy of American Beauty. If you think you are going to be resurfacing disks yourself, now and in the future, you need to own the right tool. Read these links about repairing scratched originals.

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    ther was a company called 321 studios a few years ago that put out a software called dvd x rescue. I have a copy of this and it works great. I bet if you do a google search you can find somebody who still sells it.
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    The free IsoPuzzle is definitely the way to go. He just released a new version of it recently aswell.
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    I use the cleaning liquid by MEMOREX. It comes in a little spray bottle, and it works like a charm. I first started using it a few years ago when the Disc Dr was new. The disc Dr. broke, and so I continued the process by hand. Believe me, it works.

    The key is to spray (mist) once or twice on the surface. Using a clean T-shirt (100% cotton), use your thumb (through one layer of the shirt, not both or your thumb will slide without the T-shirt) and polish from the center to the outer edge. DO NOT clean it in a circular fashion. The disc is read in that fashion, and it makes it more difficult to read. Just rub back and forth and work your way around the entire disc. Make sure the disc is completely dry before inserting it into your drive.

    You may have to try it two or three times. If that does not solve the problem, then I hate to say it - but the disc is scrap. It's now time to BORROW one from someone else and continue. ;)
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    Regarding 321 Studios. That was the company that created DVD X Copy Platinum. I use to use it to back up my originals. That damn splash screen was really annoying, and then I discovered DVD Decrypter, and Nero Recode. What a Duo. Back then that was the best combonation. No offense to Clone, but Nero has a better compression technology. I use Nero first and foremost. I have used others, and the quality IS comparable.

    DVD Decrypter was the answer to that dilemma. It read the disc, and ripped it to the Hard Drive. It read the disc in various speeds, thus slowing down when needed, and speeding up when it could. This too, allowed you to make a copy of a badly scratched original. If you had one or two files that it could not finish, then you would skip it - making sure to delete it - and use another disc to fill in the missing files.

    Anyway, all this software did (DVD X Copy Platinum) was read the disc very slowly. In the difficult areas to read, it would try to read it over and over again in various directions with your DVD laser. It would piece it back together on your Hard Drive, and then you take that and burn it to a DVD-R. It took forever too. Literally hours. I tried to use it on one of my very scratched DVD's, and the program could not read it in its entirety. Had I burned the image, it would have had small pieces missing from the movie. A few seconds here and there . . . just gone!

    Software does not Physically repair any discs. Only machines that buff them out can do that. And even then, there are no guarantees. It depends on how badly it is scratched. I use to spend a lot of time buffing out those damn rentals because they would freeze up during playback . . . and always at the best part! That's when you run back to the video store to exchange it. Well, that got old really quick. That's when I started using that disc cleaning solution by MEMOREX. If this solution, and a buffing method does not work, then in most cases, either you are not doing it incorrectly, or the disc is scrap. Believe me, I had a lot of frustration with DVD’s that would skip, and now I no longer have this issue.

    Hope this advice helps anyone who comes across this.

    By the way Stretch, I'm not picking on you. I just used your thread to comment on the subject at hand.
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