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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by bobholm, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. IcePhoenix

    IcePhoenix Translator (da)

    i dont care about a new gui either. the current is easy and fast to manage, and anyway how many times do you open anydvd's gui? when the settings are made its jsut running in the tray anyway ;)
  2. UberGeek

    UberGeek New Member

    I'm not having any problems with (very) frequent updates. What bothers me though, it that AnyDVD can detect a new version, but just throws a dialog-box with a link to the homepage.

    In my oppinon, it should be able to download and install updates by it self in the same manner as antivirus, for instance. It's even 'piece of cake' to implement.
  3. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Yes, this is already on my to-do list...
  4. UberGeek

    UberGeek New Member

    Cool ! That's a feature I'm looking forward to use :agree: (getting rid of all the manual labor)
  5. andy_mitchelluk

    andy_mitchelluk New Member

    Hehe. Sorry James for the GUI comment. I guess there are more important things like HD workarounds! Nice to see you guys finally have a forum now. Much appreciated news!

    Is AnyDVD HD going to be a seperate program or integrated with the current AnyDVD?

  6. trussme

    trussme Well-Known Member

    Any Dvd "HD"...?

    ....ahh, music to my ears, James. :clap: now, if we could just afford one of those new expensive HD burners. BTW, I appreciate "all the Options available" with Any Dvd. As long as there are "options", one can chose when & how to do whatever they wish with your upgrades & features. Good Job !!!:bowdown:
  7. beaker

    beaker Member

    That doesn't make it "easy". I read all the update notes, but I never know if they apply to the titles I want to copy.
  8. d0p3y2k4

    d0p3y2k4 Member

    im glad anydvd gets updated alot it shows they care about they customers i do uncheck check for updates tho because i do not like a pop up screen popup while im ripping a movie
  9. rav555

    rav555 New Member

    You said:
    "I realize that many members/users delight in three upgrades a week, but I do not. I have many other things to do, and the excess upgrades just get in the way or get postponed because I am busy with other things. Could you please cut the number of upgrades down to no more than one per week?"

    Upgrade whenever you want using the latest version. You will get all previous upgrades.

    problem solved, nuff said

    BULLGEAR Member

    bobholm if you don't like the updates then don't update. i thinkit is great that i can pay for a product and have it updated at least once a week..Plus the way hey keep throwing in stumbling blocks on these movies i think the updates are wonderful. so i am sure there are unsupported programs out there just find you one ..
  11. JoeMac

    JoeMac New Member

    Then just update AnyDVD before burning your next DVD copy, that way you will have the latest version instead of looking for the update feature that accommodates the title you are trying to copy. SlySoft has done an excellent job of making the DVD copy process fast, easy, and simple. Why do people always try to make it harder than it needs to be?:doh:
  12. dingaling406

    dingaling406 Member


    my hats off to slysoft for up dates keep them coming. you dont have to reboot until your going to use the program:bowdown:
  13. Wally_Mac

    Wally_Mac Member

    The frequest updates are very much appreciated. I was one of those who recently experienced some difficulity when trying to back-up my copy of SAW III. The hints, tips and then the most recent software update certainly proved most worthwhile and helpful.
  14. beaker

    beaker Member

    That's exactly what I do. So how was I trying to "make it harder"? I was just pointing out that not everyone makes a full-time hobby or career out of understanding all of this stuff.
  15. rayals

    rayals Member

    I love the updates! Keep them comming SlySoft!
  16. Giantdwarf

    Giantdwarf Member

    updates forever

    Bottom line...keep the updates coming
  17. bstard201

    bstard201 Member

    Just want to tip my hat to the dedicated staff at Slysoft....updates for the most part are a must to keep up with the all the cc and bad sector software out there....saw III for example was certainly a challenge....thnk you slysoft...keep the updates coming!!!
    BTW.......all those "other" forums out there always talk about ANYDVD....there were some voices out there that said the techs at Slysoft were slacking specifically a week and a half before SAW III was officially released but you knew who the dedicated ANYDVD customers were caused they fired right back....the best $34 I ever spent....a one time fee and a lifetime of frequent updates...what more can you ask for...bottom line is buy the software!!!!
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2007
  18. PerpetualOmega

    PerpetualOmega New Member

    It also help against Software Piracy,

    The more often the releases, the more the crackers have to update, the more they will get bored.

    Also, with the piracy users, they will get board with finding cracks and just decide to buy the software or not use it.

    No problems with daily updates here! :clap:

    Good work

    Last edited: Jan 28, 2007
  19. lonewolf2873

    lonewolf2873 New Member

    I'll take all the updates you want to send to me. The trade off of "Bothersome" updates versus 100% burns is worth it. The updates are NOT bothersome to me, their a godsend. I suppose if I had to vote on something to change maybe it would be a ballon in toolbar versus the popup (which is NOT a problem) and the easier one click update (which is also not a big deal). I love you the way you are but can accept change if need be.


  20. Ironman

    Ironman New Member

    Its a race,...!

    The updates are simply the software's counter-move to the distributors 'last' move to prevent any successful copies. I for one, applaude SLYSOFT for going toe-to-toe with these folks to counter their attempts to protect my DVD collection.
    Its too simple NOT to apply the upgrade whenever there is one available.
    But,..if you want to try and make your copy without the latest and greatest, then you can expect a potential of a failure, and then you have no one to blame but yourself for not getting and staying current.
    Not trying to flame anyone here, but youur logic escapes me.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

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