Too Frequent Upgrades

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by bobholm, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. bobholm

    bobholm New Member

    I realize that many members/users delight in three upgrades a week, but I do not. I have many other things to do, and the excess upgrades just get in the way or get postponed because I am busy with other things. Could you please cut the number of upgrades down to no more than one per week?
  2. The upgrade frequency is great...

    I for one ENJOY the frequent upgrades... what does it take, maybe 2 minutes to update the program? Keep 'em coming SlySoft 'cause you never know when we'll find a DVD we "can't" backup at 3:00 AM. ;)
  3. J_im

    J_im New Member

    Keep the upgrades coming,I think its great that when a problem or work around is found we get it first.Keep up the good work!!
  4. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member


    If you are bored about all these updates, just disable the update check in AnyDVD and send a message to our support team ( to unsubscribe the newsletter.

  5. b1030

    b1030 Well-Known Member

    Too frequent updates

    You can always ignore any updates that the SlySoft team has sent you. When you want to update, simply go to the website to obtain the newest version.
    As an AnyDVD/CloneDVD user for many many months with literally thousands of backups behind me, I greatly appreciate the timely updates and the tremendous job they do at keeping the product the best on the market. They react almost immediately to all new attempts by the studios to thwart us.
  6. GaPony

    GaPony Active Member

    I'm just guess that the ;) in the title meant this to be a tongue in cheek comment...

    I don't care if I get three updates an hour. It shows me there's a true commitment to the customers. You don't have to install every one...just the ones that apply to your needs.
  7. RowMan

    RowMan New Member

    More like a minute for me. I only update when I need to (like just before backing up a disc) and not immediately when every update is announced.
  8. bobholm

    bobholm New Member

    Perhaps then if the update poster would indicate what problem the update is intended to solve, so that we users could pick and choose which updates to install more readily?
  9. sixit

    sixit Member

    It's easy: check the history on the downloads page, just to the left of the download link.

  10. bobholm

    bobholm New Member

    If the purpose of a given update cannot be provided in the update notice, then I will update once a month and ignore the other updates. It's more like ten minutes thanks to having to reboot after each upgrade, which is a pain in the ass. I wish there were some way to get Slysoft to send me upgrades only once a month. I've had it with all the annoying interruptions.
  11. sixit

    sixit Member

    Update Goodness

    Exactly. Disable the update check and simply rely on the emails. That'll reduce your time waste to the time it takes to delete an email. Personally, I have the download page bookmarked on the Personal Bar so I can get on with rebooting my system and grab the new version at my leisure.

    And for the record, I'm loving the frequent updates! It shows such a rare and true dedication to the products; I wish the other 99.9% of the software I have was as dedicated.


  12. bobholm

    bobholm New Member

    Not bored, just annoyed. I want the notice once a month, not three times a week.
  13. Sense

    Sense Guest

    Yes, I indeed agree the onus is on the user to decide if an update is needed. With so many changes being made to thwart a successful backup, I commend the crew at Slysoft for being on top of things and taking the initiative to improve the version in order that the user does not come across a snag in the middle of a much desired backup.

    Keep the History segment alive and informative, I find that very helpful in making my decision as to whether to update immediately or just before I do a backup. :agree:

    One question that I have never asked and that is if I don't d/l the new version can I skip it and simply d/l the next one when I believe that I will need it?
  14. tigert

    tigert New Member

    Keep the Updates coming

    I have no problem with the updates...Give them out as much as needed. Really the only way it's going to work right anyway. The guy unhappy about the updates doesn't have too update.....It's just not going to work for him like it should. Just turn off automatic updates....wait for your email about the update.....then update if you choose to or not to. Shazaam.... Takes care of your problem. Now there's nothing to be bored about. To all.......have a great day.
  15. Warrior

    Warrior New Member

    Without the "too frequent" updates, Slysoft would not keep up with the ever updating anti copy measures, and you would find a disc that you cannot backup, keep 'em coming Slysoft!
  16. sixit

    sixit Member

    I've never had an issue with skipping updates. Essentially you are downloading the full version each time. ;)

  17. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Everyone has the option of downloading an update or not. It's all about whether you want to. But, in the end, a person who doesn't download updates as they come also forfeits the right to bitch about the fact that they can't successfully backup a DVD.

  18. DAB Badboy

    DAB Badboy Well-Known Member

    Indeed, you have to remember the updates are issued *for a reason* either they're to include changes in encryption system(s) and/or fix bugs.

    At least it proves that AnyDVD is very much alive and well - and not abandoned by its authors like some other encryption software options ...

    Fair play to Slysoft I say!
  19. doughnut

    doughnut Member

    Last three updates were 26.1., 14.1., 4.1. and that's definitely not three times a week ;) I agree with others - keep the updates coming! (BTW. People who are unhappy with frequent updates are in most cases using pirated keys/cracks which are blacklisted with every new version...)
  20. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    The definition of frequent updates also depends on if you consider beta releases to be updates.

    Taking that into account there have been far more updates but as I said in an earlier post... the choice to update or not is with the user and if they don't want to they don't have to but can't complain about not being able to make backups with newer discs.
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