Today Beith a sad day, HD DVD is dead :(

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    Microsoft Press International (the division of Microsoft that releases educational and training books and films) Briefly tested some new items in their US and Hong Kong web-shops last night during the (local) hours (USA 02:00 CTZ) and Hong Kong 19:30 HKT). They stayed up just long enough to catch the attention of Ziff Davis Online editors for the morning internal memo.
    The items; Microsoft Press training videos in BluRay format. All the attempted purchases went to a 404 error, but it's telling that they would be testing layouts.
    Take it for what you will....
  2. Rusty257

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    what is the source?
  3. lostinlodos

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    A Ziff Davis morning updates and requirements memo I received this morning.
    Like I said, take it for what you will.... I could mean something, It could have been (yet another) site hack, or it could be Microsoft employees with a sense of humour testing layouts out. But if it's A or C it could be the final nail in the coffin. For that possibility alone; I feel a deep sadness I haven't felt over technology in many long years (when SEGA's last project died). Not to mention fear that we really may be stuck with BluRay blue laser discs.

    Digital Playground
    Wicked Pictures
    Pink Visual
    Vivid Interactive Entertainment
    (all adult companies) have all released BluRay media today as well. For the first three it's the first BluRay media from them.
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    u liked the dreamcast too huh?
  5. lostinlodos

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    I'm actually refering to the project they were in the early stages of developing when the (IMNSHO) amazing DreamCast died. Yes I loved that system too (and the Saturn blew everyone else off the map at the time, Mine (with a laser conversion, Linux, and new EP-ROM) can play XBox and PS1/2 games.
    What they were working on would have killed everyone else. A system with 100% backwards compatibility, Sega Linux preinstalled, a DVD player, DVR video recorder, tuner MPC system that would have dug into both home system sales and Computer sales. If development and production went on track as it was supposed to, it would have been based dual core procs with Intel's I64 instruction set (probably would have ended up on Omega Athlon x64). nVidia graphics. Creative sound (The X-FI system was developed for SEGA). To bad the media killed of the DreamCast. They killed off SEGA's next generation at the same time.

    That's what I see happening in the HD-DVD ring. Researchers for Toshiba et al have been working on Triple Flippers. 6X the space and storage of standard HD-DVD. Think about the possibilities that would bring. How about Alien, the entire series, in full HD on a single disc. Whole seasons of HD TV on a single disc. A full TV SERIES in a 6-8 disc set.
    BluRay, because of what I consider to be a design flaw reads at a much wider angle than HD-DVD. They simply can't go much farther beyond where they are now in terms of space. With an self-adjusting laser, HD-DVD could, in theory and as they are testing, go to 2 sides at three layers each.
    Not to mention that HD-DVD is not just consumer friendly but also EVERYBODY friendly in it's lack of enslaving releasers to Consumer Restrictions Management.
    I'm not so much worried that HD-DVD will be gone in as much as I'm worried that we won't (2-5 years from now) have any name Western films on the format. Ocasionally I like to take a break from watching Asian, African, Eastern European, South American.... films. Just like American/Brittish films were on VHS and Everyone Else's films were on VCD, American/Brittish films will be on BluRay and Everyone Else's films will be on HD-DVD. Will I be forced to buy a new BluRay player every time a new Rights Restriction comes along? How long must I pay someone to take my rights away? BD++ BD+++, BD-fool-for-buying disc is to big for the computer drive but fits in our new $1200 player+???
    BluRay will crush the independent film scene in the West. It's already having an effect. By taking over, it will kill off most access to (again IMNSHO) superior foreign films as well, much like what happened with VCDs.
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    Just goes to show how far Sony will go to rule everything.Don't get me wrong I like everything Sony but come on let the people decide and stop the money bribing to get what you want.

    By the way I prefer HD-DVD over Blu-Ray any day.
  7. hotdog453

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    I heard Toshiba is in business simply for love of the consumer, and never bribed anyone.

    In fact, I heard they were paying money to consumers to purchase.

    In fact, I heard Toshiba was Jesus, reborn on this Earth.
  8. poolshark2014

    poolshark2014 Well-Known Member

    That's why I said Sony not Toshiba.
  9. dexgo

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    LOL, It's hilarious watching YOU people whine about how you hate sony... LOL.

    HD DVD is the poor mans format. Blu ray will prevail.

    J/K. i mean really.

    I have spent over 10,000 dollars in both formats and have 2 players of each.

    + blu ray burners etc etc etc.

    Both have their Merits.

    One is cheapo the other slightly more expensive.

    Blu ray will win, it has more potential.

    hd dvd is great, I love it. but There Can Be Only 1.

    j/k again....

    I really love HD DVD. I have spent like alot of money into it.

    I love blu ray too, I have spent Alot of money into it too.

    Neutral is the way to be.

    whoever wins WINS.
  10. GaPony

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    Its a big world out there...

    There are PCs and Macs,
    there's even Windows and Linux for the PCs,

    People drive Chevy and Pontiacs from GM, and Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln from Ford,

    There are 20 different major brands of vegetables, 100's of record labels, and a thousand different kinds of ink pens.

    Why is it that only in the world of video playback is there only room for one choice? Why does there have to be a winner? I think there's plenty of room for both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and the consumer can choose what's best for them. Both formats have advantages and disadvantages, depending where you stand on this issue, but with choice, the consumer wins.

    I keep seeing Slysoft saying that HD-DVD is the better format... if that's truly their opinion, they are perfectly free to not support Blu-Ray and somebody else will have to pick up that mantel.

    Sure maybe Sony is a bit heavy handed, but they also have a financial interest in preventing copying of their product, which is a good thing from their stockholders perspective, even if not from ours. One thing is for certain, if not for Sony we'd still be watching our movies on VHS.

    Let the war be over and each side just do what it does. The consumer will decide what best fits their life. Long live both formats...
  11. georgeorwell

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    You've proven who the real winner is in the format wars....and who is the loser. (I don't mean you personally, I mean us as consumers)