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    I wanted to ask if this last release ( succeeds in eliminating the protection HDCP, during the vision on TV LCD not HDCP ready ?

    Cordially I thank
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    Yes look here under features.
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    HTCP Question

    I have AnyDVD HD installed with Power DVD Ultra version 7.1 I have an All In Wonder 9800 Pro video card (non HDCP compliant card) I get green horizontial lines on Power DVD Ultra with audio. Am I doing something wrong to get video playback. I am understanding that AnyDVD HD is suppose to let me use my current hardware to playback HD DVD's. I hope this is enough information for someone to help. If it is not please let me know.
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    Thanks, I had not read
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    Not enough video

    AnyDVD/HD gets rid of the HDCP requirements for monitor and video card. This does NOT mean that your card must not meet the minimum video specs of PowerDVD Ultra, just that HDCP isn't needed. In the ATI line you'll need an X1600 or higher model this is due to the video processing requirements of the player NOT HDCP.
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    OK, so I get the X1600 from ATI. I have a 2.8Mhz processor Overclocked to 3.0. Will that be enough to view HD DVD's on Power DVD Ultra? Thank You!
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    It's a P4. I can still upgrade to a Prescott 3.0. But will add $100.00 plus. I am trying to get to the cheapest way viewing HD-DVD on my PC without having to upgrade much. Has anyone been able to achieve smooth playback with single core processors and proper video card?
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    I have read several threads here and on AVS about this issue. Trying to get this to work cheaply, as I first thought I could do, just will not work. You really need to build a brand new computer if you want to have something that will work on all BDR and HDVD movies. Bluray discs in the future may be encoded a lot higher than they are now and only the fastest PC today will be able to play them.

    I don't want to finally get this working and then find out that it will not work on all movies I want to watch.