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    I have the great slysoft anydvd which has proved valuable with how my kids handle their DVD's... Now onto tivo - I will soon connect my tivo to the inernet through the usb wifi enabler. I will be able to move files to the computer to watch later... I would think I could run anydvd on those files in order to burn them to DVD.

    Any thoughts?
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    Click http://forum.slysoft.com/announcement.php?f=18 and read fully please

    If tivo saves files in a dvd-video format, then yes. Otherwise, you might experience issues. I'm not terribly familiar with tivo either. Others here might be.
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    If not, the best thing to do is make sure you have a big big hard drive depending the how long in time each video is. Then get one of THESE and it will take the time of the original save to get it on the PC. Then use something like Nero 7 or 8 better yet Recode to compress it to a single layer DVD.
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    I have a TIVO series 2 and use tivo-to-go to transfer captures to my PC. I use the Direct Show Dump Utility to free these captures of the DRM corruption. I then edit out the commercials and burn to DVD.
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    I just started the TIvo thing and got the Tivo HD. I can't wait to try the Show Dump Utility. Thanks for the info
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    You're welcome. I've been looking into upgrading to HD (TV and DVR) and have been looking at a TIVO series 3. I've held off but not that series 3 supports tivo-to-go it's looking more attractive. If you don't mind, please post back how well the series 3, tivo-to-go & direct show dump utility work together.
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    The wireless adapter now links the Tivo box to the internet and I have Tivo Desktop 2.5.1 and have downloaded a show to the computer but have not found the direct show dump utility. I looked through the tabs at the top and properties for the program (Tivo desktop)... Is this a utility I have to download from another source or do you think Tivo got rid of this utility in the HD version?

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    Ok.. I googled the DSD and found it, downloaded it and got it running, It successfully "transformed" one show from the Tivo HD files. I couldn;t figure out where this new file would be stored. It did not seem to have a way to "save as" option. WHat do I do from here? Thanks
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    It doesn't have a "save as" option. One you add a file (or files) it does it magic and the resultant files are placed in the directory that you've entered at the bottom for, "Output files to:" The output file while have the same name but with a .mpg instead of a .tivo extension.

    I don't have HD yet. My TIVO caps come over at NTSC, 720x480 interlaced and 29.97 fps and with ac3 audio. After cleanup through DSD I'm able to load that directly into TMPGEnc DVD Author, edit out commercials, add chapters (if I want) and save. I then use Imgburn to convert the output to an image and then burn to DVDR.

    However, since you have HD you'll have to convert that to a standard/supported DVD resolution and format first before importing into any authoring tool. Unless you want to watch it only on your computer and can keep it in HD. I'm not familiar with HD and TIVO series 3 HD so from here I'm just guessing. If the TIVO series 3 HD cleanup is still MPEG-2 but at a different resolution the you could use a tool to convert that MPEG-2 to AVI, edit out commericals, downconvert to a standard DVD resolution, encode and then author. Again, just guessing but I'd use something like AVISynth (which is very involved and has a steep learning curve) to edit and downcovert. I'm sure there are other tools and easier/better approaches. There are video sites such as doom9.org and videohelp.com (of which I'm members) where you can get specific help on this.
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