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Titan Quest Immortal Quest


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Feb 20, 2007
Has anyone been able to get either T.Q or T.Q.I.Q. to work with G.J.?
i have tried and so far it still asks for the DVD every time no matter how long
I've played.
i had the original version of TQ working ok wih the old version of GJ.

In fact I seem to recall the GJ "knew" the game i.e. it was there on the drop down menu of profiles.

NB Sometimes these older games get re-realeased as gold versions or game of the year versions & those have different copy protections. for example - I eventually gave up with GJ on a gold version of Jowood's Spellforce, though other people were able to profile the original version of the game. ( and I gave up on Jowood completely as their game also forced me to disable Couffin drivers needed for DVD wiriting before it would runfrom it's own DVD ! )
It's one of the games I can't get to work, with, and used to work quite happily in the old version of GJ :(
i have my Titan quest gold edition working fine with the latest version as well.

i did the default profile and everything works fine...